Saturday, January 23, 2010

Despondent to Delicious

The first official meltdown occurred on Thursday night after discovering that the heat was not kicking on in my parent's home. Too late to call a repairman, the night was long and sleepless worrying about my two elderly folks with no heater. I piled extra blankets on them and used a space heater but still worried. In the end all was fine and the heat was fixed the next morning thanks to the Greenhouse connection. But that night....the breakdown arrived at almost exactly the two-week mark and she wasn't pretty.

I'm not the type to have a breakdown that's a polite,little cry in a corner. It's big and nasty and overwrought with drama complete with Oscar-clip worthy moments.
A phone call to Keith helped get me...well, less dramatic at least.

Friday was a new day and a blessedly calmer one. I spent the evening with Kak and JB and they whipped up a wonderful dinner. JB grilled salmon with some Potlatch seasoning that was soon topped off with some amazing Asian marinade by Barefoot Contessa. I'm a tad miffed with Ina, though. Now that I'm hooked on this marinade, she's apparently discontinuing it. Tease! The salmon was accompanied by oven-roasted potatoes, salad and bread. Kak was wizardly with the spice on all of the dishes and displayed her mighty spice collection for me.

The background music for the evening became the Hope for Haiti telethon. The soul was soon stirred by a haunting rendition of Hallelujah performed by Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris. Click on the video to check it out and please donate to I will be downloading this one for sure.


Anonymous said...

Everyone deserves a big old ugly Oprah cry once in a stressful while. Did I ever tell you about my melt down the night before my comprehensive exams for my masters? Not pretty. At some point I fell asleep on the floor outside my bathroom and awoke to find that snot had melded a sock to my face. Just repeat the mantra: Get-chi get-chi ya ya, mocha chocolate martini, creole lady marmalade. Then visualize us getting totally shit faced once you return.

PS Those potatoes look fucking amazing.


真心 said...
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