Monday, October 11, 2010

Chalk Art and Ooey Gooey

The first part of the weekend was spent in Excelsior Springs for the Art Crawl. After work on Friday, I headed to Willow Springs Mercantile to help out Daphne. Daph's darlin' daughter Maddie was making her dazzling debut in the Homecoming Court, so a few of us helped keep the Merc goin' in her absence. I had fun slingin' Daphne's bistro goodness with the ever-personable Tabitha and also was lucky to sample some of their delicious and spicy Broccoli and Wild Rice soup. The Merc also hosted Lee Baker's gorgeous art pieces and Wenwood wines.....that pumpkin wine is something else. The Crawl featured a very talented chalk artist named Craig Thomas who along with some art students turned the parking lot across the street into a beautiful canvas. There was also some live fire performers and strolling musicians with accordions and violins. It was quite the artful evening.

On Saturday, we had lunch at Ventana where I got to sample something not usually on the menu...their Cajun Shrimp sammich. Yum. We then went to Oooey Goey chocolates to see their newly expanded store. I haven't given these lovely ladies enough coverage in the past even though I've been a big fan since their opening. Oooey Gooey is getting busier by the day and they've earned every bit of their success. Their chocolates are excellent and their wedding cake business is going through the roof. Oooey Gooey is now selling ice cream made by a gentleman named Uncle Bill in Lawson. Uncle Bill started making ice cream after his wife passed away. I can certainly vouch for the Absolute Caramel and Keith can attest that the Mint Chocolate Chip is wonderful. The freshness of the local ingredients truly stand out. Oooey Gooey's expansion makes great use of their space, displaying some retro candies and the ever-popular showcase of their beautiful chocolate goodness.

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Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

Cool picture of my dear friend Kevin Morgan on flute and my husband Joseph Ruckman on guitar, Greg, thanks! It was FUN.

Looking forward to the ice cream!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. Jeff and I need to make it up to Excelsior! Hey, some weekend in November Jeff and I want to make it up to Jamesport and take in the Amish sites. You guys in? It's pretty cool with lots of yummy food.

Confounded Cook said...

Kitten, we'd love to...let us know when you're going.

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