Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Day In The Life Of A Chocolate Tourist

The 5th Annual Chocolate Tour took place in downtown Excelsior today and the chocolate goodness was prevalent on every corner. Once again a stellar success, the Chocolate Tour brought in big crowds and it's always a kick to see all the businesses hopping.

After helping with the initial crowds at the Hall of Waters (or Hall of Justice as I like to call it), I wandered the various chocolate stops to get some pics. Everyone was putting on their chocolatey best and the customers were certainly digging it. Wine was flowing at the Gallery Off Broadway and Willow Spring where a violinist strolled about. Mind, Body and Soap featured their own homemade chocolate soap. Chocolate-star topped candies at Ventana, turtle cheesecake at Broadway and Penn and decadent mini-whoopie pies at Ooey Gooey were just some of the cocoa-laden creations highlighted today.

One of the stops was the historic Hotel Oaks who took the opportunity to show off their fabulous face-lift. Reborn as apartments, the building is beautifully appointed. The Oaks had friendly folks greeting visitors at every turn and put out quite the chocolate spread.

The personal highlight for me today was stopping by Kathleen's gallery which is evolving and shape-changing in ways that are bending my winter-addled cerebrum. Artists and galleries have held a lifelong fascination for me and this has been the first time that I've met the artist; watched her find and move in to her gallery space and finally, morph it to match her creative mindset. I've been completely enthralled by the few times I've been able to watch her process. I met the delightful Andrea who's bringing even more positive energy to Kathleen's growth. I also met Dan, a new in-house artist who's displaying some intriguing work as well.

I can't wait to see what happens there next but I can tell you the first Art Crawl in March is shaping up to be a surreal good time at Kathleen's Gallery Off Broadway.

If I can't truly travel these days, I certainly relish being a food and in particular, a chocolate tourist.


Anonymous said...

Downtown/local art and food scenes are the best; the creativity of my fellow man never ceases to amaze me. Art + chocolate = a divinely good time. :)

(glad you're not confined to a snow prison anymore)

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