Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our Lunch With Jim

On Sunday, we met the beloved Posse at The Merc for a late lunch with Jim Schutte, so that we could get him out for a bit. He’s been working tirelessly for his wife Carolyn; traveling back and forth to the rehab center in Lincoln to be ever at her side. We were quite happy that Jim agreed to some time out with us; though I’m sure it is tough in any kind of social setting without Carolyn at this point.
Jim brought his sons DJ and Chase and there were 13 of us altogether; loudly overtaking the Bistro’s downstairs dining room as only The Posse can. Local Missouri wines were flowing and Daphne and her daughter Kennedy took great care of us; despite our boisterousness. We enjoyed the Italian bread and butter appetizer and I dug the daily special turkey sandwich on toasted sourdough with a cup of homemade tomato basil soup. Several of us split the decadent mint chocolate chip brownie before we bid our goodbyes while buying some wine and house coffee (like the White Satin; white chocolate fudge dusted in white cocoa powder) to go.
I’m quite happy to say that the afternoon was not morose, but instead filled with raucous laughter; as it should have been. Included among those heartily laughing was Jim, and that was the most gratifying sight of all.
Carolyn is becoming more in tune every day but still needs to progress in order to fully benefit from rehabilitation, so she is returning to Excelsior Springs Hospital to do just that. We believe it will be good for her and us to have her back home and we will surround her with love and therapy until we have her fully back with us. Everyone is encouraged to add words and messages of encouragement on the leaves of the Stick Fairy on display at the Hall Of Waters created by artist Susan Therrof that will be placed in Carolyn's room when she rejoins us in ES.


Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

Can't wait, Greg, thanks.

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