Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Kids Are Hitched!

Two of my favorite "kids", Kara and Drew enjoyed what was, by all accounts, a spectacular wedding day on Saturday the 10th. Set in an idyllic locale in Iowa at Kara's folk's place, it looked like a beautiful ceremony and reception. I hated missing the big day but am thrilled that they had a stellar day that will kick off what most assuredly will be a wonderful life.

Of course, I asked my co-worker Matt about the menu, because I'm nerdy that way. He said it was fabulous; especially the choice of some apparently amazing pies instead of the traditional wedding cake.

Kara looks unsurprisingly gorgeous in her dress and they look utterly content. Kara and Drew, we miss you greatly but celebrate your happiness with you in spirit. I wish you a lifetime of joy...Congratulations!

Photography by cast of thousands photography


The Everyday Foodie said...

Thanks for the post Greg! Sorry, I have been a little behind on the internet lately. It truly was a wonderful day and we wish you and Keith could have been there. We will be down to see you soon though!

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