Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Bridesmaids

Those of you who read the wedding post might remember that I mentioned a most excellent gift bestowed upon us by two of my best friends Kristy and Lydia. Yes, they surprised the life out of me by giving us an iPad 2. This iPad not only came with Facetime; which enabled my friends to virtually "join" us on the big day but also came packed with video testimonials from loved ones; both old and new.

Now, in my long history with Kristy and Lyd, humor is always at the forefront....silly, ridiculous, bawdy, gut-busting humor. So, the video testimonials would not be complete without a rib-tickler from these funny females and let me just say, they outdid themselves. Kristy tells it in her own words:

I was totally channeling my mother when I came up with the idea. I got both costumes by chance in my thrift store and by the time Lyd found out about it, it was too late. She had to participate. We were the modern-day Lucy and Ethel. My mother would be proud.

Well hell yes, she would. Behold, the reveal of Kristy and Lyd as our "bridesmaids".....we still can't stop laughing.


Anonymous said...

Oh Lord. It was fun. Sometimes I just amuse myself LOL!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, I would like to borrow them for a party some time.
Judy Green Eyes

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