Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jersey Bound

Our gal Carolyn and her family have endured a long journey since her traumatic brain injury last June. On Monday, she and her husband Jim boarded an air ambulance bound for the Meadowlands Rehabilitation Hospital in Secaucus, New Jersey. This facility is considered one of the best in the nation. It has been an arduous process getting Carolyn there for all involved, but she is on her way and our hopes are high.

Sunday night, we feted Carolyn with a makeshift celebration in the cafeteria at the Excelsior Springs Rehab where she's been residing the past few months. It was an admirably packed house of well-wishers who came to bid Carolyn farewell. Makeshift it was indeed, but many of the elements of a classic Schutte shindig were present. Jim whipped up some of his specialties, from his mozzarella and artichoke foccacia bread to his creamy feta dip and caramel flan. K and I brought an apple cobbler that turned out quite well from an Aaron McCargo recipe that you can find here. I carried in the Mac Daddy cocktail dispenser from the Schutte's English pub-like basement that already had the base for Jim's wicked Margaritas. Finally, it was a signature Schutte event as our beloved Carolyn was the center of all of our devoted attention.

It is indeed bitterwseet to see Carolyn off on this latest leg of her journey. The facility is the best for her and that's key, but its tough to see her go so far away, when we are used to visiting her regularly. Jim's CaringBridge posts will be more vital than ever as we look for updates on her recovery.

When Carolyn first suffered her injury, I made it clear, even in the title, that we need your help. I ask it again. We are praying hard for this leg of her journey to be the breakthrough one. Please keep the positive prayers, thoughts and energy going in Carolyn's direction.


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