Sunday, June 24, 2012

Grad Party With a Pinterest Flair

One of the graduation parties K and I attended this season seemed particularly inspired in its unique flair. That flair was fitting as this party was in honor of one unique young man by the name of Jackson.

Jackson is the son of our friends Will and Denise and he graduated high school this past May. They threw him a grad soiree at The Montgomery, the same wonderful venue where K and I had our celebratory bash. The event was organized and catered by Denise's friend Stacy, who is clearly up for party planner extraordinaire, with her whimsical designs in both decor and food. The most fascinating element of how she put together this party was the way it all truly reflected Jackson.

Jackson, our young graduate, is also autistic. His graduation party was a big day, shared with his proud parents and some clearly wonderful teachers who worked very closely with Jackson. Stacy decorated everything in a blaze of red, in honor of Jackson's beloved Lawson Cardinals. The food was spectacular, from an awesome BLT pasta salad to some tasty tomato-mozzarella skewers. There was a chip and dip station with some killer salsa (as Jackson loves his chips), and in lieu of a cake (Jackson does NOT like cake), there was an awesome cookie bar that included some sweet iced lemon cookies, luscious red velvet cookies and Jackson's favorite, chocolate-chip cookies. There was also a way-cool card table with a giant red "J" that everyone could sign and a heart-warming letter from one of his teachers.

Stacy, I might add, got a lot of her ideas from Pinterest, that online center of excellent party tips and food; among other things. She may have gotten some tips from Pinterest, but the execution of this extraordinary party was all Stacy. Then again, young Jackson and his awesome parents do make for some divine inspiration.

Congratulations, Jackson!


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