Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wherever The Spirit Moves You

In an effort to not be overwhelmed by the everyday stress of late, I find myself looking for ways to get out of my own head when I can, in an effort to preserve my spirit. That might involve something as simple as getting lost in an e-book on my iPad or cooking with Keith in the kitchen or better yet, finding gratitude for the good things happening around me and then discovering the spirit of healing everywhere....

A few weeks ago, K and I volunteered to work the Rotary raffle table at a benefit for Misty Smith, a local teacher in Excelsior Springs and the daughter of my coworker Brenda. Misty had, at one point, a fairly dire diagnosis and she was also clearly beloved in the community as the town of ES truly demonstrated a bottomless wellspring of support. From pink cupcakes to bracelets to car washes, the love and donations poured in and the raffle tickets are still available until this Thursday, August 2, when the benefit barbecue is held at the Elms. In the end, Misty's diagnosis has improved and she and her family, who have endured so much, raised lots of money and were blown away by the support. The spirit of compassion was in Excelsior Springs.

Also, one of my closest and dearest hometown friends was married recently and I couldn't have been happier. My friend Kaki wed her best friend and companion JB and they were married under the great tree beside the tranquil lake on their property. These two have worked so hard to grow their business that it seemed this moment might never arrive, but it finally did and I'm thrilled that it was simple and perfect in the end. May they always be in perpetual celebration of their blessed union.  Kaki and JB were married on the same day as her parent's wedding anniversary...Kak lost her father to cancer several years back and her wedding took place on the same day as Misty's benefit.  The positive karma and spirit of healing love stretched from Excelsior Springs to Abicht's Landing in St. Marys, West Virginia that day.

Finally, we were happy to welcome our cherished friend Carolyn home from New Jersey where she has been in rehab recovering from the brain injury she received nearly a year ago. She has made progress but has a long road of therapy ahead of her. We met her air ambulance at the local airport and helped get her in the car and I brought the flight crew back to check them in at the Elms. Later that night, we regrouped at their home, the first time Carolyn had been back in her home for over a year. The smile was completely fixed on her face, as her beloved Posse showered her with hugs and good cheer. Her stepsons Chase and DJ cooked up some delicious steaks, grilled eggplant and veggies and we sipped Jim's infamous Margaritas. It was so very gratifying to see Carolyn home, her pups Jack and Lenny constantly at her side; her family and Posse members surrounding her. Much of the Posse bought raffle tickets for Misty Smith that night, as Kiko noted that the benefit barbecue would take place the same night as her own Mother's birthday....Kiko lost her mother to breast cancer many years ago. The spirit of friendship was in Jim and Carolyn's house that night and the spirit of healing love and compassion had come full circle.

When my spirits need lifted, I just need to remember that healing spirit is everywhere, I just need to get out of my own head sometimes in order to find it. And then go wherever the spirit moves me.


Anonymous said...

Oh WOW! What else can I say but WOW! Good news abounding! JB and Kaki's wedding was fabulous and we all celebrated. Now to hear that Carolyn has come home. Great things are bound to come for all.


Anonymous said...

I am utterly moved.....feeling my own spirit lifted as a result of your once again amazing words. I am smiling at you with all the heartfelt grace I can muster.

Bravo to all the spirits lifted because of you, because of your words, and because of your remarkable ability to share these inspiring stories. Kudos, my friend, and many thanks.


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