Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Go West Young Posse, Part II: Westside Local

The celebration of all things Kiko gravitated on to a happenin' little joint in KC called the Westside Local.  Fifteen of us gathered to fete our little filly.  Posse bro Carl even took the yet-to-be-specified "west" theme to his head, by sporting a jaunty cowboy hat to the proceedings.  The place was rockin' and needed us out by 8 for another party, so rock us on they did.

The WL is known for its eclectic beer list, but they also feature fine wine offerings and an impressive cocktail menu as well.  I went for a mix of two and ordered a Boulevard Shandy; a refreshing, citrussy brew that included locally made Boulevard beer.  This drink might have made more sense at the outdoor beer garden during summer, but one can pretend (and Lord knows I do dream summer all winter long).  K and I apparently felt as if dairy had been lacking in our life, as cheese became a bit of a theme in our ordering.  We began with an appetizer cheese plate of fresh manchego, brie and rosemary goat cheese, pungent and yummy roasted garlic and pumpkin hummus.  We then split an order of the house macaroni and cheese.  Dubbed the Westside Mac & Cheese and consisting of cavatappi, parmesan, local white cheddar, garlic and Farm-to-Market sourdough bread crumbs, it's an indulgent delight.  We dined on the dish as advertised, but the menu suggested interesting additions such as bacon, Brussels sprouts and cranberries or bacon and sweet potatoes.  He and me also split (caps alert!) The Best Pulled Pork Sandwich I've Ever Had.  The Pale Ale Pulled Pork Sandwich features Boulevard Pale Ale braised pork, cinnamon sweet pickle ribbons, pink peppercorn pickled red onions, white cheddar and tangy housemade BBQ sauce on a toasted Farm-to-Market pretzel bun and it is a wonder of flavor.  Paired with a Bell's Winter White Ale ....just the best.

Kiko thoroughly enjoyed her own vegetarian birthday repast; the hearty Autumn Quinoa including Brussels sprouts, sweet onion, roasted cranberries, pecans, sauteed kale greens and that creamy and fabulous rosemary goat cheese.  After a devilish cappuccino brownie, we soon all rolled out into the chilly, starry night and headed home but one last portion of the birthday weekend was yet to come...


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