Saturday, July 13, 2013

Big Boy Sips At The Reiger Hotel Grill & Exchange

Not content to let rest our evening following the divine meal at Affare, we strolled down the street for some after-dinner cocktails at the Reiger Hotel and Exchange.  I have blogged some brilliant experiences from this fabulous place, from a marvelous dinner in the dining room to a couple of nights at sexy speakeasy Manifesto downstairs.  Tonight, we hung out at the main "lobby" bar and caught up with our friends over some of the Reiger's classic cocktails.

The Reiger has a long history dating back to
1915 when it played host hotel to many a traveling saleman and worker and was founded by the owner of J Reiger and Co Whiskey which operated out of a West Bottoms neighborhood once known as the "Wettest Block In The World" before Prohibition.  Fitting, then, that the Reiger's Cocktail Impresario Ryan Maybee kicked off KC's Cocktail Renaissance from this very spot.  Fitting, also, that Keith wanted this to be the spot to actually and finally move beyond the frou-frou and start sipping like a big boy, with a scotch from the Reiger's impressive list.  I briefly thought I might join him, but I am a big fan of the Reiger's craft cocktails and finally found I had to enjoy a Pimm's Cup, made with that righteous house-made ginger soda alongside Citadelle gin, Pimm's liqueur and fresh lemon. Our genial barkeep whipped up that stellar elixir for me and indulged Keith in his desire to step up the mature imbibing.  He suggested 12-year old Macallan for Keith's sip of the evening.  I thought about sampling the bourbon list, particularly the Four Roses, but instead simply enjoyed that excellent Pimm's Cup. 

The cocktail experience at the historic Reiger Hotel and Exchange never gets old or stale.  The cocktail wizards here always keep it fresh and new.  Can't wait to go back.


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