Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wined Up at The Waterpark

Mr. K and I received an opportunity to attend the Village West Winefest in Wyandotte County, KS recently.  We knew little about this event outside of the fact that it benefited the Kansas Special Olympics and Wayside Waifs and intriguingly located near the Legends shopping mecca at Schlitterbahn Waterpark. This would be an interesting evening, methinks...

The Fest was sold out and thus packed to the gills once we had made our way past Schlitterbahn's oddball version of the Walmart greeters: Star Wars stormtroopers and sandpeople bearing laser weapons and posing with attendees.  Schlitterbahn Waterpark, just open a couple of years now, was adorned with creative ice sculptures and multiple booths offering over 200 wines and food from over 30 area restaurants.  And Winefest this may be, but more than 100 beers were also featured in the Rogers Liquors Beer Garden also.  We strolled around the many water features and rides; noshing on chips and salsa fromMargarita's and pork tenderloin sliders with sweet onion marmalade from Brancato's Catering.  Keith sipped on a local Moscato but the humidity drove me to seek out the brews, specificially s couple of offerings from beloved KC brewery Boulevard: first, the 80-Acre Hoppy Wheat Beer and their perfectly delightful Pop-Up Session IPA.  We caught up with our friend Miss Major was laying down some bluesy goodness with her band The Minor Mood Swings at the Fest. I finished off the night savoring a sip of Leavenworth brewery High Noon Saloon's Stampede Stout paired with a cannoli from Yard House Brewery while K and I chatted with a brewer from Gordon Biersch.   We departed the fest while the evening fireworks lit up the night sky, thinking that this oddball idea of attending a wine, food and beer fest in a waterpark in September might just be the perfect way to cap off the summer.


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