Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Baking Your Day Indeed

I finally got to check out my friend Tim's awesome bakery in Baking Your Day is a new favorite place of mine. My only disappointment was not having enough time to try everything.my hometown of St. Marys, WV and its safe to say that its a new favorite hometown hang.  If only I'd had more time to taste more of those goodies.

I took my sister to lunch there while I was home and there was a young artist painting a logo on the wall at the time. We perused the bake-case laden with sugary and doughy goodness while deciding what to have for lunch. After Tim made some suggestions from the posted lunch menu, I went for the tomato, mozzarella and pesto sandwich on croissant and sis Shirley went for the chicken salad croissant. We both loved the sandwiches; the tomato, mozzarella and pesto is packed with flavor on that flaky croissant and the chicken salad was exactly how I like it: tasty and no-frills. In fact, I came to discover Tim and I are of like mind when it comes to chicken salad: leave it alone; no nuts and/or fruit invited, thank you very much. Baking Your Day runs daily lunch specials including Taco Salads and Philly Cheesesteaks and has a delicious-looking menu of lunch offerings, including soups and salads. I hear the lobster bisque they've featured is way good.

It is one seriously difficult endeavor trying to select which baked good to try out after lunch. I went with one of Tim's personal favorites; the apple fritter. It was sweet, sugary, citrusy goodness and pretty much to die for. Next time I might go for the dark chocolate doughnut or the pecan roll. Alumni weekend was a banner weekend for Baking your Day as they took advantage of the large crowds and showcased some of their highlights. I, unfortunately, didn't make it back in, but Tim told me they were making their version of (red-hot in the baked-good scene) cronuts as well as a very decadent-sounding Apple Fritter French Toast. Either of which you could get a la mode with a scoop of ice cream or caramel or chocolate sauce. Mouth-watering photo of the French toast courtesy of Baking Your Day's Facebook page.....

......Sweet Lord have mercy.  And did I mention Alumni weekend was also the kickoff for their gourmet pizzas which has also been earning raves?  And that they are also serving hand-packed ice cream with flavors like butter pecan and banana split? A one-week visit was just not enough to take in all of their temptations. 

Go see Tim and Co. at Baking Your Day today.  Then go post what you got on your...or their...Facebook page and make me pea-green with envy.


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