Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Aging Gracefully

Another birthday arrived for the K-Man on Monday and the fact that he has marked another year on the planet is always just cause for celebration. This hard-working guy got to enjoy a well-deserved day off and I got to spend a bit of it with him before my own work.

Earlier in the week, I checked out the new shop at Zona Rosa called Chocolaterie Stam. The shop may be new but these folks have a nearly 100-year-old tradition of fine Dutch chocolates. The shop's decor is a charming paean to its
chocolate wonders. There are pre-packaged choices but you can also hand-pick the goodness and knowing K's aversion to
certain flavors, that's what I did. Among the choices were a Cognac Cream and a Creme Brulee. I hope he digs them.

K's birthday lunch took place at a hidden little gem on Holmes named You Say Tomato. I'd heard great things about this unique joint, both from local media and my friends. The interior has a relaxed deli feel. There are vintage grocery touches all around and it reminded me o
f my hometown corner store....Doug Dale's store. There's a grocery area featuring a deli cooler called Harvest thats filled with fresh produce. The very friendly staff sport tomato-themed chapeaus and are very helpful with the overwhelming array of choices. Keith went with a delicious Grilled
Cheese sandwich and a cup of homemade beef stew. I chose their homemade chicken salad on rye and as a side, one of what is termed "Jane's Famous Knish". The knish was the highlight for me; a comforting blend of mashed potatoes, spinach and onions in a fresh-baked pastry. It was excellent. I have friends who
are such fans of this place that they texted me pics of their food. The always fresh ingredients are one reason this place has such a following and the prices are quite reasonable. I'm told the quiche is to die for. We will definitely be back.

Considering that Keith's past birthdays have been fraught with occasional miserable details like flat tires in cold rain and trips to the emergency room, we are both quite happy that he enjoyed a nice, peaceful birthday this year.

Happy Birthday, Keith. Here's to many, many more.


Kristy said...

Happy Birthday to Keith! And once again, after reading this, I AM STARVING!! Doug Dale's store didn't have knish but everything you all tried sounds deeeelish!

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