Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Homes Before Heading Home

The holidays are in full swing and the Christmas cactus in full bloom and so we were off to begin another yuletide adventure. Santa gifted us early as the K-Man scored a new sleek and cocky-looking Keurig beverage-maker for free. After a steamy caffeinated beverage(chai for Keith, butter toffee coffee for me), we were off to the holiday-wrapped hamlet of Excelsior Springs. We stopped to check out this years holiday decor at the Elms, courtesy of one of the florists the hotel partners with. The lobby looked festive and cozy and I just wanted to sit by the fire and snuggle up to a hot toddy but we were moving on. Keith had to stop by the Hall of Waters to ensure Santa was ready for his first visit with local children.

We stopped by Kathleen's gallery where I was rocked by the progress our girl has made with the creation of her spectacular space. Splashes of color and whimsy abound; artists have been bringing in their wares and students were busy creating. The gallery takes on a new identity when viewed from every angle.....the effect is almost dizzying. Kathleen was preparing for a photo shoot with KC Studio magazine so we quickly helped her move some artwork, wished her the best and headed on down the road.

Keith and I soon joined the Holiday Homes tour at the Mayor's gorgeous home. Mayor Carolyn's Christmas decor was beautiful but it was the house itself that took my breath away. I loved the worldly flourishes that represented their global travels, especially the Egyptian touches. Their kitchen is an absolute dream; spacious and stylish and full of perfect touches like the refrigerator that appears to be a stylish armoire.My favorite kitchen element is the Italian phrase on the wall that when translated means "Sit down, shut up and eat". I could hang out in that kitchen all day.

The second home we toured was Pennington Farms. The centerpiece of Pennington Farms is a stunning log home in an idyllic country setting. The interior resembles a hunting lodge....packed with animal trophy busts, including some species I didn't recognize. Antlers were formed around everything, from the chandeliers to the toilet paper holders. The kitchen was once again the centerpiece, with elements of log and stone in every corner. The view of the lake behind the home was spectacular. Our friend Ginger, of English Gardens, was responsible for the lovely holiday decor in this home.

Finally, we motored to Keith's parents in Jefferson City where we would spend the night in preparation for the extravaganza known as Cookie Sunday. That event will require a post of it's own, but in the meantime, we, along with Keith's Mom Helen baked some cookies in preparation of the big day. We shared a nice, quiet dinner with Keith's parents before the craziness ensued.....


Anonymous said...

Hi! How does one score a free Keurig??? Good one, Keith! Can't wait to hear all about Cookie Sunday. The homes look stunning.


Lyd said...

FUN! Gotta love a Keurig! I am ashamedly addicted to mine :) We want to hear about Cookie Sunday!!!

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