Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween's Dynamic Duo: Kiko and Karaoke

Why, they go together like peas and carrots...or chocolate and peanut butter...or the Kardashians and attention. Yes, I have learned that our fabulous friend Kiko has many a love (horror movies, driving fast, dogs) but there is one apparent true love for our darling and now we've witnessed it...her beloved karaoke.

We witnessed this union after a day spent with K's parents. We assisted K's Dad as he put a new metal roof on our shed. I served up the Red Devil Roast (see last post) for lunch and eventually we made our way to Excelsior Springs. We introduced the folks to the delicious wonder of the calzones at Ryan's Pizza and then watched a bit of the Cardinals in the World Series. K and I then soon left for the evening's main event: the Schutte's Halloween Party; typically hosted by Carolyn and Jim at their home. As Carolyn continues to recover at the ES care facility, this year's boo bash was moved to the Gallery Off Broadway and hosted by Kiko and Kathleen.

The gallery was decked out with all the apropo cobwebs and gremlins as well as a Scream mask that made for an eerie photo (top left). (What caused the eeriness...Trick of the light? Vengeful spirit? LSD flashback? You decide.) K's not much on costumes and we were pressed for time, so Kiko provided us with holiday shirts. Everything in the bathroom was completely glow-in-the-dark, including, as we would soon learn, our own pee....eeeeeeek! The Posse girls were decked out as the Pink Ladies from Grease, Jim resembled a Roman emperor, Jen's husband channeled Jason from Friday the 13th (complete with hockey mask and blood-dripped blade) and we found Waldo aka Tabitha. Food was unsurprisingly impressive; including feta dip, Mike's Mighty Meatballs (seriously delicious, homemade gut-bombs of flavor) and Jim's tasty tamales. Then, I heard it....the siren song of the karaoke machine began...

Now, I am no stranger to the spell that is woven from the karaoke machine. I have sang karaoke hither and yon; largely motivated by lubrication and lubricated friends. Hometown haunt the Hill was the setting for many a wobbly warble, including a particularly bombastic Islands In The Stream. I have found karaoke to be greatly entertaining to watch as well. My old buddy Rock hosted one of those traveling karaoke shows and I'll never forget one regular singer who showed up every week to sing I Touch Myself....let your imagination run wild regarding that performance and you still won't quite get there, trust me.

That said, I still suffer from a bit of stage fright and couldn't quite loosen up enough to join in Saturday night. Kiko, who clearly doesn't need cajoling herself, encouraged me to join in but Girlfriend needed no vocal help. She clearly digs her some singing and wailed away on many a song. She was having a blast and sang with everyone from her fellow Pink Ladies to Daphne's young son Colt.

The Halloween party was bittersweet as many of these events have become in the absence of Carolyn herself. Her presence is always sorely missed, but her spirit was present in the Tables by Design tree adorned with snapshots of her life; still displayed in the gallery. We continue to hold these shindigs in honor of Carolyn as she wouldn't want us to stop having fun. Kiko is the absolute best when it comes to keeping Carolyn's spirit going in these functions....lots of great food, drink and laughter continues to be present, and Kiko can always be counted on to keep the fun going....including leading the karaoke. You go, girl.

Kiko and pork chops and applesauce.


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