Sunday, October 30, 2011

See Jane Go Bang-Bang

For those of you who remember my post regarding the importance of Jane; I'm elated to report that our gal is recovering quite nicely. She's a bit weaker but still gregarious and entertaining, as she proved to us when we descended on her home with takeout for dinner.

Her always-gorgeous home was in particularly colorful company as the towering trees surrounding her property were ablaze with color. We brought takeout from various sources in order to keep Jane from much clean-up work. Jolynn brought the evening's highlight, the beloved (among this group anyway) Bang-Bang Shrimp from Bonefish. We all reveled in spicy bang-bang goodness, especially Jane who attacked it with gusto; delighting all of us who have been concerned about Jane eating enough post-cancer surgery. We also feasted on Italian Gardens lasagna and salad and Jeff's garlic bread; accompanied by various wines, both red and white. We finished off with Linda's two cakes: apple caramel and pumpkin with cream cheese icing. Jane was thrilled to see her request made good: a framed copy of The Importance Of Being Jane post that Keith put together. Most satisfying of all was Jane's ever-intact wit as she enlightened us to her fear that Liza Minnelli would simply explode into a thousand pieces while performing one day soon. We shared a celebratory toast while the sounds of Leonard Cohen floated in the background.

It was a fine start to the weekend to spend quality time with one of our favorite women. The next post will be the first of several that cover a long, strange trip of a Saturday.


The Everyday Foodie said...

That cake looks delicious! Linda should let you put up the recipe for that!

Ginny said...

So happy to hear she is well. Gosh I miss her! And Linda too! Glad it was a nice gathering!

Lisa Mandina said...

That cake does look yummy! I was glad I got to see Jane for a bit last Saturday.

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