Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bravo For The Posse

The evening was frigid; the first, really, of the winter after a bounty of balmy days since the season began. There was snow on the ground and a distinct chill in the air, so thankfully, it was the night the Posse regrouped for good food, drink and comaraderie. We were kicking off our First Friday Dinner nights once again and in typical fashion, we couldn't schedule our reunion on the first Friday of the month and instead went for the third Thursday. It may seem silly to continue calling these gatherings First Fridays, but that's what Carolyn wanted, and while she hasn't been able to join us of late; in her honor the name remains the same.

It was Keith's turn to pick the restaurant and he had been craving a return to one of his favorites: Zona Rosa Italian restaurant Bravo. We gathered at our table and caught up over glasses of vino and appetizers like steaming cups of lobster bisque and toasted ravioli. The attendees all gave largely positive reviews to their entrees which included Margherita Pizza, Eggplant Parmesan and my spicy and filling Chicken Fra Diavolo Campanelle; bell-shaped campanelle pasta tossed with chicken in a spicy tomato cream sauce. It was mighty good and fed me for three days.

Conversation, as it tends to be, is the lively highlight of the evening and ran through a range of topics from book reviews to face lifts to the most hilarious tale concerning brownie mix I've ever heard. It was, as it always is, a delicious kick to join up with the beloved Posse. Until we meet again...


Lisa Mandina said...

That food all looks yummy. Makes me sad I didn't try to jump into the plans with my mom and stepdad last night and go eat there.

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