Sunday, January 15, 2012

Debut Of The Screaming Pita

There is an appetizer that has had us transfixed for awhile now and that's Jim's feta dip. For us, its a perfect blend of creaminess and spice and when topped on homemade pita bread...well, its become a new favorite for us. The gadgetary icing on this cake, as it were, was the gift we received from Kiko: our very own tortilla maker. We were most excited to whip up homemade pita bread from this recipe and try out the new maker for ourselves. The recipe, as you'll see when you click on the link, can also be used with a conventional oven.

We call it the screaming pita because when balls of dough are placed on the maker and the top is closed, it emits a high-pitched metallic whine that sometimes reaches comic heights. The maker enables the pita to reach a perfect crispness which makes for a fine vessel for some righteous pita dip. Here's the dip recipe and for those joining us on the upcoming Condo Camping weekend, you're gonna be our first public debut with the tortilla maker. Here's the recipe for the suh-weet feta dip...

Spicy Feta Dip

16 oz cream cheese
4 0z feta cheese
4 oz can of chilies
clove of garlic

Place chilies, feta and garlic in food processor and mix on high until relatively smooth. Keep in mind: Jim says to use the whole can and we having tried that with serrano peppers and found it a bit too hot. We used half of a 4 0z can of diced jalapenos and found that to be perfect but feel free to play around with amounts to find your preferred heat level. Soften the cream cheese in the microwave and then combine it with the rest in a large bowl. Dip with the awesome pita or whatever floats your boat-tortilla chips work well also.


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