Friday, November 16, 2012

A Weekend of Janes; A Night on the Veranda

Some sweetly sublime evenings with the Posse of night was hosted by Posse member Jane in her and husband Rick's lovely home and a week later we kicked back with them again on an oddly balmy November eve.  Good food and friendship were as usual, the orders of the day.  The first weekend was indeed a weekend of Janes.  The first night was a Posse bang-up at Jane's in Liberty.  Jane and Rick whipped up a gobsmacking amount of grub ("we can't cook small") on our visit, no doubt.  After being completely charmed by their adorable pup, we dug into the various starters like bacon -wrapped herbed potatoes, goat cheese, honey and walnut tartlets and spinach-and feta-laden spanikopita.  We then split up amongst two dining rooms and reveled in each others' tales (particularly the ones from Kiko and Deb's recent Cabo sojourn) while soaking up the comfort of Jane's many homemade soups: creamy seafood chowder, bright tomato bisque and hearty steak.  Served with gooey grilled cheese sandwiches and phyllo-wrapped pesto bites, we were plenty soothed by this deeply satisfying meal.  Accompanied by the jeroboam of fine red wine supplied by Jane's son-in-law (thanks, JJ), this was a perfect meal for the growing chill in the air.The chill wasn't pervasive, though, as the next day was quite beautiful when we ventured to see another friend named Jane.  We went to help her get her gutters and rooftops cleared off for winter.  Lovely Jane fixed a perfectly pleasant lunch of croissant sandwiches, pimento-lined celery and my absolute Jane Durr favorite, her righteous deviled eggs.  Jane regaled us, as usual, with frequently ribald and hilarious tales from her colorful life.  Multiple Janes are a good thing to have in life.

The following week the strangely summer-ish feel held on for one last night as the Posse re-gathered to hang with our gal Carolyn at her home.  Jim worked his usual magic in the kitchen and brought forth his monstrously good lasagna, my beloved buttery foccacia bread and the always anticipated feta dip but the big surprise of the evening was mine and Keith's discovery of our darlin' Deb's amazing homemade pies.  All of the desserts were good, from Charlotte's brownies to Bunchie's pumpkin bread but as anyone there would tell you, Deb's pecan and apple pies were to die for.  Girlfriend could open a bakery right now and be an instant success, if you ask me.

We all spent that night on the screened-in back porch with Carolyn and her nurse.  The evening was brisk but beautiful and Carolyn seems to improve with every visit.  Nothing beats that radiant smile of hers, for sure.  The next morning the temps had plummeted to the thirties and we drove to the movies in pouring sleet to catch the latest Bond flick (which was awesome by the way).  The last couple of weeks were a great way to close out some lingering Indian summer.


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