Sunday, November 25, 2012

Drunken Noodles and Tap Dogs

A recent excursion out with K and a couple of Posse gals yielding some entertaining Aussies and some seriously tasty Thai.  On a recent afternoon, we followed a viewing of the touring company of Tap Dogs with some colorful cuisine at Lulu's Thai Noodle ShopTap Dogs was a bit of a kick but the true steel-toed boot to the behind came courtesy of the fiery chilies laden within that flavorful Thai.

Tap Dogs is an Australian dance company that creates a fairly electrifying tap-dance show that stays true to its industrial beginnings.  Originally created in an Australian steel town by frustrated dancers who had taken on industrial jobs while looking for dancing gigs, its a phenomenon of tap-dancing energy.  I got a particular kick out of the power tools that were used, and was thinking that Dad would have gotten a charge out of the welding sequences.  The show was also appropriately 80 minutes long, as the tapping was impressive but could've worn thin had it gone on too long.  Of course, we also revel in any opportunity to hang at the always bra-zilliant Kauffman Performing Arts Center and to finally get to hang up in the mezzanine.

Soon thereafter we landed at local hotspot on Central Lulu's Thai Noodle Shop just a few blocks away.  Long ago in a galaxy far, far away I mentioned that (and indeed still) to this day the K-Man had not experienced Thai food. I think he'd built up a deep-set fear of the spicy unknown and what said unknown might do to corrode his ever-sensitive internal gears.  He also has since insisted he has eaten Thai but sadly was just confusing it with Indian food which is a faux pas on many levels.  Whatevs, he's here now, so let's get him saddled up with some  Thai apps...

The girls and I first ventured into ordering the house bubble teas, as I had always wanted to try them.  Bubble teas are also known as pearl milk teas and were invented in Taiwanese tea shops in the 80's.  The tea base is mixed with milk and often fruit.  At the bottom of each of these teas are tapioca balls or the "pearls" in question.  Kiko and I got the honeydew flavors and Deb sampled a mango-flavored alcoholic version with added vodka.  The conversation starting dissolving into expected lewdness with the mention of the hazard of possibly choking on the balls, so thankfully the starters were landing.

We kicked off with build-them-yourself-Thai lettuce wraps that featured a savory ginger-peanut sauce.  The highlight of the appetizers for me, though, was the featured off-the-menu tofu sliders....thinly sliced, Thai-barbecued tofu topped with housemade tangy pickles and a delicious cilantro chimichurri sauce.  Keith chose the Lulu's-favorite Drunken Noodles (light, wide rice noodles tossed with peppers, Chinese broccoli, Thai basil, scallions, lemongrass and egg) as his entree and enjoyed it while I delighted in my senses-clearing Blazing Wok Bowl (same noodles tossed with jalapenos, Chinese black beans, scallions and Napa cabbage).  Kiko loved her off-the-menu special entree...quinoa with fried spinach and pineapple.  For dessert, we all shared a Thai street food ice cream sandwich (a centerpiece of Christopher Elbow's Glace fried banana ice cream served in a spiky sweet bun) and agreed that it was a marvel, despite the spiky bun reminding us of cow udders.  This comparison, of course, speaks more to our juvenile humor then the preparation of the bun....hence the reason we got such a chuckle from the server earnestly asking us if we would have enjoyed Tap Dogs more had we been high. 

Good tap, good Thai, good times!


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