Sunday, February 17, 2013

One Post-Valentine's Food Coma, Brought To You By Bristol

As one who spent plenty of years alone, I am not typically one to give Valentine's Day much weight or power, despite being in a very happy relationship for the past thirteen years.  That said, we did have a small indulgence of chocolate-covered strawberries on the night itself that was more of a bright spot in a somewhat challenging day than a holiday celebration.  If I must celebrate, though, so be it...just let me strap on the feedbag and I'm ready to go.

I have become a bit obsessed with brunch of late and since K and I had won gift certificates to Bristol at our employee appreciation party, we decided to treat ourselves for a post-Valentine's mid-morning feast.  From everything I've heard and read concerning Bristol, it would indeed be just that.  Most suggest you arrive with a very empty stomach and not plan to eat again for the rest of the day.

Bristol Seafood Grill has been a Kansas City favorite for fresh seafood since 1980.  We visited their sleek, steely space in the Power and Light District on this trip.  Dark wood and subdued bottle lighting abound in the various seating areas.  We scored a cozy corner table away from the main buffet area where we ordered the house Bellinis (made with Prosecco, simple syrup and peach sorbet) and were given our buffet guidelines.  The walk to the various buffet displays reveal several interesting design elements such as the chainmail curtain labeled "Galley" that separates the kitchen from the dining areas and the shiny metallic wine display wall featuring over 600 wines and Champagnes.  The allure of this particular buffet for me is, of course, the seafood and Bristol claims to "procure the freshest seafood available".   I savored the first plate I built of fresh char-crust tuna tartare, Vietnamese vegetable spring rolls, ahi tuna sushi, raw Blue Point Oysters, smoked mackerel and fresh mussels with a side of "broken wasabi vinegarette" for dipping.  I could've stopped after this plate and been more than satisfied, but there a few more lovelies to sample.

"Sample" was the operative word as K and I had agreed to go for samll, bite-size samples of everything and I'm so glad we did.  A bite of creamy lobster mac n' cheese here, a nibble of spicy shrimp enchilada there.  We even eked out a bit of room for a nibble of dessert; our preferred being the mini-cup of creme brulee.

I was astoundingly not miserable when all was said and done as I sat there across from my valentine while I sipped my cup of signature Roasterie blend of coffee.  It's hard to feel miserable, after all, when blessed with good food and when sharing it with such a striking brunch partner. I found myself sitting in that cozy corner admiring that soulmate of mine yet again.  Striking he was, looking all professorial with his cap and blazer.  Blame it on the bubbly, but I was feeling the love on this post-Valentine's day.

That is, until the food coma set in.  Zzzzzzzzz.....


Our family of three, plus a dog and three wacky cats. said...

I loved this post. You guys are so cute.

Confounded Cook said...

Ain't you sweet, but I think your "family of three, plus a dog and three wacky cats" corners the market on cute, if you ask me.

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