Saturday, February 23, 2013

Retiring Well

Always a gas to see familiar faces and catch up with good friends and so we got to do just that recently.  One of my former coworkers by the name of Joanne was retiring and so K and I joined up with some of my former bookstore cohorts to celebrate her off.  Joanne is one of those tried and true coworkers; always reliable and so damn good at her job, she made the rest of us pale in comparison.  She was finally ready to let it all go and spend some more time with her beloved husband Jim. 

The party was at Jane's and Ms. Durr was her usual consummate hostess.  I also finally got to catch but with the Divine Miss Sherry after she returned from her African sojourn.  We noshed on Jane's' bacon quiche and strawberry salad and spicy, tasty "Julie crackers" (provided by one Julie Jones)while we caught up on everything sparking our lives these days.

Spending time with this crew was as comfortable as ever.  So very good to see them all again.  Happy retirement, Joanne.  You will undoubtedly be missed. 


Anonymous said...

That would have been the party to be at. Those mentioned are some that I miss the most.

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