Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Healthy Dose Of Fallon

I have long been an unabashed pop culture junkie, but life makes it difficult to stay on top of the many shows, films, books and various entertainments I relish so. My DVR is overburdened with scores of episodes that I'm long overdue to catch up with.  In certain examples like Game of Thrones, I'm saving them so I can one day revel in an indulgent binge watch. Most though, are simply still there because I don't have time to watch them. One thing I do try to stay up on is a regular dose of Jimmy Fallon on late night.  From SNL through Late Night, I have long enjoyed the comedic euphoria that is Jimmy Fallon. I call myself a pop culture junkie, but young Mr. Fallon is that to the Nth degree and one with talent to burn.  I've loved it all; his perfect impressions, his channeling of musicians, his uniquely geeky charm and his always brilliant moments with Justin Timberlake. Fallon caught a lot of flack over the years (chiefly from himself) for cracking up during skits, but to me its just another example of his bright, shining unfiltered joy for what he does.  In all of that late night institution's long, storied history (that I've been alive), I have never been more excited about the Tonight Show than I am now. Oh, and did I mention Fallons' a foodie?  Here he is as a Top Chef Judge.

Already, Fallon has produced gem after gem on the Tonight Show and generous host that he is, typically ends up showcasing the talents of his many spectacular guests.

The above video caught my attention courtesy of our F&B Director Terri. This great Fallon moment brought us a personal connection.  Bryan Cranston is a guest on Fallon's show and Cranston tells of his current Tony-nominated role as Lyndon Johnson.  Cranston also speaks of a noted way that the former president used to cajole and persuade people to do things his way called the "The Johnson Treatment".  Fallon asks Cranston to demonstrate how this works and wants convince him whether he should be drinking margaritas on the rocks or frozen margaritas. The result is magical; Jimmy gets charmingly geeked out and Cranston demos why he just might deserve that Tony. The particularly striking aspect of this performance to us is how this demonstration of The Johnson Treatment is quite evocative of well, just about any conversation those of us at work have with our Director of Sales Tom.

 Tom is a born-and-bred Southerner himself and when he works that honeyed accent of his, I'm sure most folks are putty in his hands. Cranston's performance is a real flash of Tom when we coworkers of Tom watch it....its actually kind of uncanny. I'd ask Tom if he's using 'The Johnson Treatment" on a regular basis, but just posing that question amongst my colorful coworkers would go so far off the rails, I'm just gonna let that go.

So, yeah, I'm a Fallon fan. Obnoxiously so.  Enough...go watch the video. And if I'm gonna post classic Fallon moments that involve Fallon and Bryan Cranston, I might as well post Fallon's brilliant send-up of Breaking Bad from Late Night. Watch for Cranston again....and a pizza.


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