Saturday, July 24, 2010

Random Bites- Imperfectionists, Inception and Indian Creek

My latest rendition of a song for the stuff I'm diggin' is truly a love song this time around. Why? Because these are, outside of my loved ones, the things that brought comfort and joy during yet another irritating week (seriously, what is in the water these days?). Chew on these...

The Imperfectionists-

"I have stuff to eat. If you want." She opens a bottle of Valpolicella and heats up a casserole of lasagna that she planned to bring to the office. (She cooks abundantly and expertly but eats none of it; she has seen the butter, sugar and cream that disappeared into the mix, ready to reappear on her hips. So her creations-The Leaning Tower of Potato, the Seattle Swirl cookies, the Sesame-Crusted Salmon Cakes with Lemon Tarragon Sauce-end up at the paper, nibbled by distracted editors, spilled on the carpeting, as she observes from her desk, feeding only on their praise.

This passage from The Imperfectionists is from the POV of Hardy, the lovelorn staff member of an English-language newspaper in Rome. This novel, written by Tom Rachman, centers on she and her fellow employees. Written in an episodic structure, the book is a bittersweet look into each of the staff member's lives as well as a telling look at a newspaper's struggle to survive in these technocratic times. Rachman's utterly charming book has been a relaxing tonic to annoying reality.


Finally, FINALLY a movie to get excited about in these meh cinematic days- we went to see Inception in Imax today, and it was a thrilling, trippy brain-tickler of a flick. Like Ronnie, I won't spoil a single moment, but here's what I will say....not only do I want to see Inception again but it's rekindled my love of film. What more could a filmgoer ask? See it.

Indian Creek Winery-

A little extra kudo to these kind folks for sending Keith home with a best- of collection of their vinos and vittles, including a white wine named Melancholy in a half-moon shaped bottle, a wine-spiked BBQ sauce and a yummy Fuzzy Navel jam.

All three immeasurably appreciated, indeed.


Kitten said...

I was just saying how I want to see Inception again. It was amazing. And speaking of amazing, the jam... yum. Now about the wine bottle... the very top of the bottle looks rather phallic at that angle. Or maybe I'm just a dirty man. Don't answer that.

Kristy said...

I want that bottle!!!

Confounded Cook said...

You can't handle that bottle, Kristy....and Ronnie, no answer necessary.

Lisa Mandina said...

That book sounds interesting. As for Inception, well, it was good, but I think the hype that everyone built up for it really made me expect a bit more. Not disappointed in it, just not as excited about it.

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