Friday, July 2, 2010


Today, my parents were officially moved into an assisted living facility. As both of them are now essentially wheelchair-bound, they are in need of round-the-clock professional care more than ever....and that's the line I keep replaying in my mind over and over. I feel horrible that I wasn't there to help ease their minds and aid my sister but this opportunity arose quickly and all agreed that the move needed to be as seamless as possible. This means me arriving just as it was happening would only cause more upheaval.

My sister called and said it was indeed largely stress-free for them. They are being doted on left and right. They were received by a sizable welcome committee. They're in with folks they know. Their room is filled with their own things. The facility is top-notch. The food, as I understand it, is excellent....that'll be good for Dad. On Sunday, they'll be celebrating their wedding anniversary and at the end of the month Dad will turn 90 years old. I hope they get spoiled rotten there.

Nevertheless, my parents have lived in their home for over 50 years. My mother was a proud homemaker and I've written of their bountiful gardens. They raised three children there and every nook and cranny hosts a wealth of memories. Even though everyone toiled to de-stress the process as much as possible, this could not have been easy for them. My heart hurts at the thought of their anxiety and fear as they faced this move.

I pray they find some mental, emotional and physical calm as they settle in and I hope they make some new friends. I'll be home to see them soon. Soon, maybe we'll all be able to put our minds at rest for a bit.

The pic at top right is of Mom and Dad in their backyard. The pic at the very top of the page is of them at their favorite spot....under the big oak tree at the Jug in Newport on the banks of the Mighty Ohio River.


Connie said...

Everything will be O.K. They will be better now than ever. It will become home for them and in their mind, they are probably still in St. Marys. Take care and know they are safe.

Lisa Mandina said...

As I've not had to do this, I know I don't understand what you're going through. But I would hope that you will now have some peace of mind knowing there is always going to be someone around to help them out in any emergency situation if you or your sister can't be there.

Anonymous said...

Peace of mind will come to you very soon, Greg. Just think, next winter when the snows fall, you won't have to worry about them falling or being snowed in. I am so happy they found a nice place so quickly. A happy anniversary to them both!

Anonymous said...

Greg, I am just now catching up on your blog. This post especially touched my heart. The move will be great for your folks. It will give you and your sister peace of mind to know that they are being so well cared for. Mom mentioned to me that they will know a lot of the folks there and that the place is absolutely awesome. Your words and the pictures were very sweet. Thinking of you and sending hugs your way! MJ

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