Friday, September 10, 2010

The Great Cleaving Of The Butt

Enough with the tear-jerking, right? There was plenty of humor to be mined from last week's visit home, to be sure. The event Most Likely to Draw Guffaws would most certainly be The Great Cleaving Of The Butt....pork butt, that is.

The Greenhouse Gang and those of us hanging around were recruited to gather' round some low and slow-cooked pig to create some pulled pork for a wedding event. Yes, this gathering of friends and co-workers were actually brought together with large knives and cleavers to maniacally attack said pork...and attack it with relish. Talk about stress-relieving.

Not content to let the pork be the star, JB cooked up some marvelous ribs. One rack was marinated in Greenhouse product Bluegrass Blueberry Chipotle Sauce and the other with a taste of KC's own Arthur Bryant's barbecue sauce. Both were delish, but the highlight of the meal for me was the stuffed and grilled jalapeno peppers. The peppers were stuffed with spicy sausage and Boursin cheese and grilled to perfection. They were lovingly prepared by Young Grasshopper Erica Hupp under the guidance of Sensei Abicht. Erica is the daughter of two of my high school classmates, Rick and Jennifer. This child is a hoot...fearless, funny as hell and she loves raw oysters and spicy food....and then declared me her new BFF. She even survived the prep of the peppers...outside of the moment where she needed to place her nose under running water to ease the sting.

We enjoyed hours of healing laughter, completed our project and bid a fond farewell to the World of Wedding Meat.


Kristy said...

Ah, the Cleaving of the Butt. Erica truly was the real star of the show that night wasn't she. And the pork was great! But those peppers...well...NAY. I ate one of the stuffed banana peppers (only after eating two heaping serving spoons full of nothing but the stuffing) and the next day...well.... let's just say that Sensei must DIE. (Picture Me as Uma Thurman in Kill Bill...Vol II when Carradine dies.) "Most Likely to Draw Guffaws"...Very catchy! And yes, let's bid a fond farewell to Wedding Meat.

Confounded Cook said...

I'm seeing you in the yellow track and JB in the kitchen using all kitchen implements...ooh, he really knows how to wield might want to rethink this.

Kristy said...

OH NO BROTHER! Do NOT underestimate me...the flamethrower. He might be fast but just as in the movie...I KNOW his weaknesses and I can outthink him. Especially after two martinis. I will be like the wind. A MIGHTY wind. You know what I mean. HAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

Loving me some cleaved butt! Just passed this on to Jennifer so she and Rick can check it out. Erica truly was the star!! Can't wait until she reads it, too.

Love ya.


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