Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Return of The Wonder Twins of Doom

Do you ever have that buzzy feeling that something is a tad off? During the course of the past few days, it seemed as if there was something ominous in the air....something I couldn't quite put my finger on. It wasn't a feeling of personal dread. It was more about my surroundings. There was the tornado watch and unstable weather in the area. Keith, my work cohorts and I had all commented on the proliferation of wailing sirens and police cars whizzing by at every location we'd happen to be. Even on Sunday, as Keith and I had entered Westport to wile away an idyllic afternoon at the Westport Art Fair, we were nearly run off the road by several speeding cop cars and then stumbled upon a battalion of armed multiple officers surrounding...a Blockbuster store. So much for a quiet Sunday. I have yet to discover what that was about. Why, though, is everything feeling a bit...apocalyptic?

Well, of course....the Wonder Twins of Doom have reunited and returned. Let the plague of locusts commence.

Who are these Twins I speak of? Actually two of my favorite folks in the KC area. Ashley and Jeff were co-workers of mine at my first job in KC. They soon became friends but not too soon...I had to pass their muster first. In time, they deemed me worthy and I was allowed into the Inner Circle. Ash and Jeff are great conversationalists, whip-smart and possess a rapier wit that is easy to admire and devastating to withstand. They are the best of friends and not twins by blood but they are bonded by their friendship and their....well, particular brand of concentrated evil. It may seem as if I'm painting a dark portrait and truly, I joke....I love these two dearly.....let's just say I'd much rather be their friend than....not. They are the finest of folks and I love having them in my life. My standout memories of them include dinner at Kona Grill, margaritas at Manny's, mojitos at Reverse after the Emeril book signing and of course, whizzing through the streets of KC in Ashley's Mini-Cooper (named Molly) like we were auditioning for a scene in The Italian Job.

Ashley has been overseas living in Japan for the past several years and took the opportunity to travel throughout Asia, so I plan to do a piece on her and some of the amazing food she experienced during her travels. Girlfriend has always devoured life in general and I'm hoping if she's happy with the piece she'll allow me to write the book of her life. It needs to be written and it will be a page-turner for sure. Ash returned to the states a few months back and to the side of her BFF Jeff and it was probably about then that things started feeling unbalanced. Of course, I would bet that in their minds, they feel balance has been restored...

We reunited at the Westport Art Fair on Sunday. K and I first met some of our artist pals (Kathleen at left) from Excelsior. We ran into Jan Preston who had some of her riveting work displayed(pictured on this post excepting the glass piece above left) and strolled around admiring the various art. K and I then overheard a gentleman on his phone saying, "The subject is here. We are following and can probably get backup form the KC police." What the hell? Are we back in DC? Of course, it's Westport....he could have been talking to one of the other voices in his head..

Finally, we all had lunch at McCoy's, a favorite old hangout with good food and a tasty I.P.A. The Wonder Twins and I were also reunited with our former Plaza boss Angelo and indeed it was like old times. We laughed hysterically, reminisced and listened to the ever-deepening twists and turns of Ashley's exciting life. We followed lunch with another stroll through the Art Fair and all too soon, our reunion ended.

We'll be together again soon. In the meantime, I think the Wonder Twins need a theme song...something dark and foreboding....hmmmmm...


Kristy said...

I must meet them and when I do the Earth shall certainly spin off its axis. P.S. I still have my Wonder Twins ring. Do you?

Confounded Cook said...

Of course I do....Form of...Mario Batali!

Kristy said...

HAHAHA! Shape of a giant canoli!

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