Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over

The always welcome return of the Plaza Art Fair is another sign that Autumn is upon us. I rejoined the Wonder Twins of Doom, Ashley and Jeff, as well as Angelo at The Classic Cup at the Plaza for brunch on Sunday before we strolled the Art Fair. This was also my first opportunity to meet Ash's girl Alexandra and to say the least, became an instant fan.

The Classic Cup is a long-standing tradition at the Plaza, featuring wonderful food and one of the best people-watching patios around. Due to the ever-popular Art Fair, seating was first-come, first-serve, so we took first available and were seated inside. As always, the conversation with this group was lively and frequently humorous. I ordered the Classic Buttermilk Pancakes, one of their specialties, with a side of smoked bacon. The cakes were fluffy and oh, so good...so light that they tasted like a really moist cake. Jeff ordered the Spinach Frittata, and when that dish arrived it looked delicious and daunting and Jeff gave it a rave. The company was as delicious as the meal and it was wonderful to bear witness to the joy of Ash and Al as a couple.

We moved on to the main attraction....the rows of artist's booths offering their creative wares. The Plaza Art Fair has a rich history itself; the Fair is celebrating its 79th year. We were duly impressed with much of the Art, from Amy Flynn's Found Object Robots to the fascinating gear vases of Threat Level Orange by Todd Cameron. The ever-more elaborate food booths were cranking out their grub throughout and live music emanated from several locations around the festival. People-watching is paramount during this event and our highlight was the gentleman rocking the day-go outfit replete with silver mullet and matching silver shoes. Said gentleman apparently possessed some special powers as he continuously popped up way ahead of us wherever we looked. We deduced that he was a teleporter and that the silver shoes were the source of his power. Ashley invented "bloop" as the sound effect for his power and thus, he was named Bloop the Teleporter.

The weather made for a perfect day, Jeff bought some art and Ash and Al hit up the soon-to-be-much-missed Balsano's for some Italian Chocolate Chip gelato. We soon went our separate ways after making our plans for the next get-together.

I would also be remiss if I didn't mention that when Ashley first checked out the blog, she thought the name was The Confounded.....well, it's a word that looks very much like cook. Imagine her disappointment when she discovered it was merely a food blog.


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