Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Creative Crepes With The Kids At Chez Elle

K and I met Kara and Drew for our last meal together in KC before they move on to St. Louis later this week. We shared breakfast together at local creperie and coffeehouse Chez Elle on charming Summit street downtown. Chez Elle's location is in the historic Summit Theater building. We all went for the savory crepes for our meal and were duly impressed by these light, fluffy and made-from-scratch selections. I completely dug my Tour Eiffel, which featured smoked salmon, artichokes, capers, caramelized onions, herbed cream cheese and creme fraiche. Keith chose the Fromage; a beauty stuffed with Brie, bacon and pesto. Kara's selection, the most attractive one I might add, was Le Franco: caramelized green apple with spices, toasted walnut, fig compote and Brie cheese. I sipped a warm hazelnut latte to help lift the chill and fire the neurons.

Breakfast was completely satisfying and the locale was utterly cozy, but the occasion was still tinged with sadness. I have already experienced work shifts without Kara and Drew and its gonna suck not havin' them around. They are only moving across the state, however, and I look forward to visiting them in St. Louis and sharing some food memories with them there.

I called them "the kids" in the title of this post as that's what I called them in person. I'll miss ya, kids....safe travels!


karavon said...

I love that photo...I am really going to miss you Greg. And I am seriously amazed at your ability to quickly crank out these blog posts.

Lisa Mandina said...

Sounds like some yummy food. I'll have to go try that place. I too will miss Drew and Kara! I agree with Kara's comment, you are really good about blogging so quickly. I have 3 things to get done today! I'm so behind.

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