Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kara and Drew's Farewell Party

So it is so long and farewell to our good friends and work compatriots Kara and Drew who are leaving us for St. Louis soon. Jane hosted their farewell bash at her ever-lovely home and folks came by to wile away a beautiful afternoon with them on Jane's spacious deck. We sipped wine, nibbled on some excellent munchies and shared lots of laughs with the guests of honor.

K and I arrived early as I wanted him to meet Jane's mother Winnie. Winnie is a darling woman who we inevitably learn during Jane's introduction is her "95-year-old" mother. Winnie is impressively vital and sharp considering her advanced age and doesn't seem to mind as Jane ensures that every introduction of Winnie includes the words "95-years-old". Jane even told us of pointing out her mother to a group of schoolchildren at a local Sam's as if she were the dinosaur exhibit at a local museum. Winnie is a wonderful woman and her incredible presence explains our beloved Jane quite a bit.

Laughter was abundant throughout the day. Kara, as the guest of honor, fittingly committed the first party foul and ended up wearing one of her first glasses of wine. Melisa brought us palm fronds from her Episcopalian church in recognition of Palm Sunday. The fact that Melisa's eyes are closed in my photograph of her is less a reverent reflection on the palm fronds but more likely the sigh of satisfaction from cracking the first Stella Artois. Dennis, on the other hand, had us all rolling with his special brand of irreverence.

This group holds no get-togethers without some ace chow and this bash was no slouch. Jane served a layered Mexican dip and her revered deviled eggs. Joanne contributed some flavorful chicken salad with grapes. Melisa brought some outstanding pulled pork and a savory vegetable quiche. Dessert was represented by Tinka's pineapple-upside down cake and Linda's kick-ass Bayou City Cake, a Houston-bred chocolatey cake that included fruit cocktail as an ingredient. I was a tad worried about that but the cake was moist, cocoa-laden goodness.

The laughter got louder and the beer and wine flowed and a good time was had by all. We met Ginny's Mom and it was great seeing Brad again, particularly with a bottled Jack-and-Coke in one hand and a lit cigar in the other. This group of people are a beloved bunch to me. People come and go from this literate, witty and hilarious circle every year. As it was with Charlotte, though, it is with Kara and Drew.....the group and our store will be a dimmer, less vibrant place when these two leave. There are certain people you count on seeing when you go to work and those people help you get through the rigors of the day and Kara and Drew are certainly two of those. Whoever gets to work with these two in the future are quite fortunate indeed.

Personally, Kara and Drew are not just great co-workers but fellow foodies as well. We shared a divine lunch at the Blue Nile; talked restaurants and cookbooks and various foods that we treasured. I will miss that connection and their presence greatly. I'll take solace with the fact that St. Louis isn't too far and that I know whatever their journey holds, they will be brilliant.

Farewell, friends. Can't wait to find out how the next chapter unfolds...


Anonymous said...

Just popping by to say that I've really been enjoying your posts. Thoroughly entranced by your cookbook challenges...

Here's to a happy Spring! Cheers!

Confounded Cook said...

Coming from your most talented self, yerttle, that is a Supreme Compliment. Thanks and right back atcha.

Anonymous said...

I am now craving Jane's deviled eggs. I better come visit KC again.

Confounded Cook said...

Anna,if it takes Jane's deviled eggs to get you here for a visit, then so be it. I'm so glad you commented as it connected me to your site....I love it! Your writing is great and the photography is gorgeous! Keep it up! I tried to comment but it wouldn't let me. We miss you!

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