Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday Fish

Good Friday arrived in conspicuous fashion this year. The previous day was a trying one...the K-Man's 14-hour day and my evil evening of exhausting customers brought us both home late and weary. Little sleep for the wicked, unfortunately, as the storms rolled in around 430 am. Between the claps of thunder, pounding hail and drenching rains(that helped create the waterfall effect on our deck at right), sleep went from being interrupted to flat-out futile. The weather didn't recover for the remainder of the day.

Keith's family descended from the far balmier climate of Jeff City which is all of three hours away, but apparently enjoying sunnier weather. The Winge clan left the warm rays for our endlessly steel-gray backdrop in KC of late to bless us with their presence for Easter weekend. This is also critical finals time for Kim's graduate school studies, so dear sister is feelin' the stress blister this weekend. It probably didn't help that when they arrived, they found not only our depressing weather but someone had already checked into their suite at the Elms. Yikes.

Snafu quickly corrected; we moved this good Catholic family to the hotel dining room for some Good Friday fish. The Prime Rib, Seafood and Pasta buffet was in full swing and we soon settled in for some grub. The kids are always an excellent mood jolt and watching them tear into broccoli and snow crab legs was a joy. I went for my favorite Elms dish: the tortilla-encrusted tilapia....still spicy and good.

As we left the dining room, the sun finally made its debut and everyone headed out to the grounds to soak it up. Can't complain about the weather too much at this point as the warmer temps in St. Louis helped trigger bad storms and possible tornadoes that tore everything up; including the airport.

Easter weekend continues...


Kristy said...

Glad you had SOME sun today. We had none. 50 degrees and dismal on Good Friday in WV. No end in sight to the rain although it's supposed to be almost 80 degrees tomorrow. Fish sounds good and although I'm not Catholic and I have no Easter dinner plans I might just have to get myself to the grocery and pick up some fish for my own Easter dinner.

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