Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Foodie Five #14: Troy Snelling

The long-awaited return of the Foodie Five (by me, anyway) continues from my last post which features a lovely dinner at Troy and Sarah's home. I could pick Troy's brain for far beyond five questions and did manage to slip in an extra-credit question. I'm including pics of the amazing antique china and silverware collections Troy owns as well as a hand-painted stained-glass window on the upper floor of his home.

1) I really didn't get to know you until we were both associated with the much-missed wine tastings with John Glenn at the Elms. Quickly, I learned that you are quite the ambassador for the hotel and Excelsior Springs. Would you recount for me the legendary Titanic dinner that was held at the Elms in the '90's?

We did the entire menu...all 11 courses...and served it in big salvers walked to the tables, just like they did it on the ship. The other ocean liner dinners we did were all buffet style. It was black tie only, and we had a string quartet. $100/head back then, and we had 100 people.

2) You're also known for being quite the stylish bon vivant about town. If one were coming to visit you for the first time, where would you take them for some local flavor?

The Hall Of Waters, Ventana, Daphne's (Willow Spring Mercantile), Broadway & Penn and The Elms.

3) You are a well-traveled man. What are some particularly memorable meals you remember from your travels?

My two favorite places to eat are Poggio, a fantastic Italian bistro in Sausalito, CA, and Bouchon in Yountville (Napa Valley). In New York, I like little local joints. In KC, the pick of the litter is, I think, Michael Smith, followed closely by Justus Drugstore and Room 39. My favorite place on earth is the Savoy Grill, though..period. Atmosphere, architecture, great food, amazing history.

4) Do you enjoy cooking? Are there any family food traditions you enjoy?

I love to cook. My grandmother's food was yummy but deadly...her specialty was a custard called Burnt Sugar Pie. I cook well but not expertly. My favorites are salmon chops with homemade dill sauce and lamb chops.

5) What is your ultimate comfort food?

Park Hill Lunch Lady Mac and Cheese. I have no idea what kind of government goodness is oozing out of those noodles, but it is tantamount to crack..

Ok, in reference to your role as a teacher, I'm giving you one for extra credit....as a philosophy teacher, can you name any particular philosophies that feature food?

Extra: The Greek philosophers generally taught their followers to avoid luxuries, sadly..even Epicurus, who the term Epicure comes from.

Wonderful! Thank you, Troy!


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