Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sweet Tuesday: Good Friends, Jack Stack BBQ and The Kansas City Royals

Indeed, the outcome of the KC Royals-Toronto Blue Jays match-up wasn't so sweet....the Royals were left in the dust 8-5. We left ourselves during the sixth inning, emotionally and physically exhausted from the past few days. The exhaustion didn't stem from the game itself but from a seemingly unrelenting stream of bad news lately. Some I've written about; some I haven't but let's just say that the Royals game, despite the outcome, was a welcome respite with friends.

Our friend Carolyn invited us to the game. The company she works for, Edward Jones Investments hosted a big bash in the VIP tents that was packed with people and catered by one of my favorite KC eateries, Jack Stack Barbecue. I'm a fool for their burnt ends, smoked turkey and spicy barbecue sauce and and I eagerly dove in upon arrival. I came to find out that they make a helluva cole slaw and potato salad as well.

We took our time settling into our seats as the sun was still out and the heat advisory rays made for some oppressive humidity. Luckily, there was still a breeze to keep things from being too uncomfortable. Our friend Kiko, always a mood-lifter, bought us an icy Margarita from Jose Peppers. Baseball usually calls for beer but I was thinkin' it would get warm too fast, so we went with the cocktail.

The sun set, the air cooled a bit and we enjoyed what we saw of the game. We were also duly impressed with the outcome of the recent redo of Kaufmann Stadium. There's even a Stroud's here! Tuesday night was a much-needed night out.


Jack Stack Barbecue said...

Thanks for your post! Glad you enjoyed the experience. Please feel free to share your photos on our Facebook page at - Jack Stack Barbecue (Tory, marketing and communications manager)

Anonymous said...

:) Check it out.

If you want the badge, just copy and paste the jpeg. Cheers!

Confounded Cook said...

Jack Stack(Tory): you're most welcome and I can't wait to get back to your restaurant!

yerrtle: how cool! Thank you for the big ups and when I do this, I'm so stealing the movie fan part from you....:)

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