Monday, June 27, 2011

The Power Of Good Vibes

The first scene froze my blood. I rounded the corner on the second floor ICU unit and my initial image is of Keith, Carolyn's husband Jim, Kiko and several others gathered in conspiratorial whispers. The next image melted my heart...Keith looked at me and said, "We got good news!" Indeed we did.

The neurologist told Jim that Carolyn had positive brain activity on the left side and that the right side is suppressed. The CT scan of her brain was positive, with no sign of swelling. She is still not awake and has been life-flighted to KU Med.

There is a long road ahead but this news brought a wave of relief to everyone present. It was so gratifying to see Jim breathe easy for a moment and suddenly realize that he was famished. Food was abundant in the waiting room and Jim heartily dug in. Most of the dinner party "posse" was present for the good news and we all could have collapsed right then. We all took turns saying our "see ya at KU" to Carolyn and reassured her that she had the sweetest ride available to take her to the next stop on her journey.

We agreed that tonight we would not descend on KU Med en masse and allow Carolyn to settle in and have a peaceful night with family. We saw her off in style, though....we all gathered in the surrounding parking lot and garage to bid her Life Flight helicopter safe travels. Charlotte and Carl opened the back of their car to host the tailgate/watch party for Carolyn. Several security guards had gathered at the doors; a bit concerned as to what we were up to. When the guys rolled out her gurney we wished them well; reminding them of their precious cargo. We waved and cheered as if the departing helicopter was a celebrity-filled sea vessel on its maiden voyage. That aircraft did have a celebrity....our celebrity.

Our group trudged off for an impromptu dinner at Jem.....cocktails like chocolate martinis and tasty pizza such as our excellent Farmer's Florentine with onions, peppers and sun-dried tomatoes with a Parmesan spinach sauce. We managed to relax and laughed the laughs of a very weary but relieved group of friends.

This recounted tale proves it, friends and neighbors......the positive power of prayer and energy collectively focused on a friend in need is a wonder to behold. We all know that its only a start. We know there could be setbacks. Already noted, but again, we know there's a long road ahead.

We also know this mighty gathering of positive energy is working. Keep the prayers, thoughts and karma coming, folks. It really is working.


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