Friday, July 22, 2011

Random Bites: Beloved Bacon, Birthday Cupcakes and Popcorn For Potter

The Sunday after our marathon Missouri Wine Fest day was far more relaxing but still a busy one. We met the fine females of K's family at Ginger Sue's in Liberty which you might recognize as one of our favorite breakfast spots. Seriously, folks, I will continue to belabor the point regarding this fine joint in Liberty Square: Ginger Sue's continues to serve some of the best morning meals in town. Whenever we have someone visit from out of town for the weekend, we take them there for Sunday breakfast to send them off with a satisfied smile. I had their scrumptious, avocado-stuffed breakfast burrito with a side of seasoned potatoes and without a doubt, my favorite bacon topped with fresh rosemary and Italian seasonings. It was a great send-off for the ladies and even the comedic pair of Michelle and Sarah were serenely silent at the end of their meals; damn near rendered speechless by those delicious breakfasts. Go try out Ginger Sue's and thank me later.

Later in the afternoon, we went back to the Elms to share in a birthday party for one of our local artists by the name of Ann. This lovely lady of German descent was utterly surprised by this shindig arranged by her daughter. We enjoyed stuffed mushroom caps, toasted raviolis and some chocolatey cupcakes for dessert. K was able to catch up with Gene, his stained-glass mentor who was also a guest. We met Ann's daughter and had a lively discussion with her New Yorker lawyer husband about the Casey Anthony case. Happy milestone birthday, Ann and we wish you many more!

Finally, we returned to our local AMC theater to catch the final chapter in the Harry Potter film series. I'm a fan of JK Rowlings clever and absorbing books as well as the astounding movies that have adhered so faithfully to these books. That this series could end on such an epic and heartwarming high note with that incredible cast and level of quality intact in today's cinematic atmosphere is miraculous. I even photographed my popcorn to commemorate the occasion. Thank you to everyone involved in the Harry Potter film series for some honest-to-goodness movie magic.


Lisa Mandina said...

OMG! That cupcake looks so yummy! Cupcakes are my weakness you know. I still need to try that place for breakfast one of these days.

Gina Covey said...

I thought that cupcake looked familiar!! LOL!! Gotta love Oooey Gooey Chocolates!!! :)

Confounded Cook said...

Gina, I didn't know that was yours! I should have known...they were excellent!

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