Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Day In The Life Of The Elms Resort and Spa

We took a brief break from our conquering of the Cookbook Challenge on Sunday for a jaunt to the Elms Resort and Spa to film and photograph their Wedding Open House. This event is held twice a year as a combination open-to-the-public reception and invitation-only menu tasting for potential wedding clients. The Elms looked particularly gorgeous on this day; this one day of the multitude of days this historic hotel has seen over its many years. The Wedding Open House was an excellent event that showcased the many amenities and offerings of the Elms and like the Missouri Wine Festival; the day seemed to be tinged with a bit of new energy and excitement as the hotel looks forward to its next chapter.

The ballrooms and lobby were beautifully appointed by Russ from Changing Seasons in Independence who continually impresses with his stunning designs. Future newlyweds mingled about the public spaces; meeting vendors and sales people while sampling mouth-watering fare such as Smoked Gouda Cheese and Genoa Salami Canapes and Shrimp Purses with Sweet and Sour Sauce showcased during the menu tasting. I spoke with old friends who were in attendance planning events, including Sheryl and her family and Sarah and Anthony. It was a big wedding weekend for Lacee, Amanda and the Elms...this event came a day after the KC Wedding Show in Overland Park.

It is always a kick to see the Elms decked to the hilt for whatever event it may be hosting. Dating back to my days at the Lafayette Hotel in Marietta, Ohio, I have always been fascinated in the daily doings of a hotel; particularly a historic hotel that has weathered many a storm to continue to stand strong. The Elms may seem to be merely a structure but it also remains a survivor when many do not survive. She has closed several times; weathered economic struggles and burnt down twice but the Elms lives on despite its many setbacks. This historic haven has a storied past (thank you, Harry Truman) and now this stately survivor is about to embark on a renewed lease on life courtesy of new owners. Negotiations for this new ownership have been going on for three long years now and it is a satisfying victory to see this hard-working staff who have held the Elms together for so long and through its share of hardships finally realize their goal. It is also a bittersweet victory as our friend Carolyn in her role as mayor was so integral in seeing this deal through. Keith and I will be telling her all about it in Lincoln this weekend.

Congrats, Elms Resort and Spa crew, you've certainly earned your great news. Here's to this next exciting chapter!


Anonymous said...

It is a very exciting time for all Elms associates and we can't wait to share the renovation plans as they are made public. It is an honor to work there and many of my collegues feel the same way. We have waited patiently for this day.


Lisa Mandina said...

My friend who got married there had a beautiful wedding. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

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