Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Mongolian Meal For The Posse

Finally, I am caught up on Ye Olde Blog with a quick look at our April Posse dinner which took place at Genghis Khan, a Mongolian Grill eatery. I had sampled the spicy delights of Mongolian BBQ before, but this was Keith's first run. He totally dug it; it's a world of good food for a low price. After ordering drinks (Keith's a refreshing concoction called a Snapdragon, mine a mind-opening Bloody Samari with sake and wasabi), we joined our Posse cohorts, including Kiko's dad Larry, at the buffet to choose the ingredients for our dinner. There's a plethora of tasty possibilities to choose from, everything from seafood to tofu. I went with thinly sliced pork, jalapeno slices, sesame seeds, broccoli, red pepper, edamame and egg noodles in a spicy sauce of soy, Sriracha, sesame and onion oils and tangy vinegar. I handed my ingredients to the grillmasters who cooked it all up on a gigantic, steaming grill with long wooden boards in a version of the ancient way of Mongolian cooking.

The meal AND the Samari were a senses-clearing meal of spicy deliciousness.


Lisa Mandina said...

Hey Greg, I have an idea. I'd like to feature some of my favorite bloggers as guest posts on my blog. Any chance you'd want to pick a favorite book to review? Even a cookbook would be good. Then I could post it on my blog. It might get you some more followers! Let me know.

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