Saturday, April 21, 2012

Random Bites: Snapshots

At the end of the day, nearly every day these days, even gorgeous Spring days(like the one pictured from our deck at left), my sole goal upon leaving work is to go home, change clothes, kick back, eat a little dinner and go straight to bed. These actions may not be my heart's desire but that is indeed how mentally exhausted I feel at the end of my day. This feeling is not a reflection solely on my new job...I love, and I do mean adore my new job. However, every day is challenging; sometimes relentlessly so. Learning a new job that I want to be my career in the wildly multifaceted world of a historic hotel under renovations makes for monstrously detailed days that are filled with multitudes of moments. Some of these moments are exciting; sometimes thrillingly so and sometimes terrifyingly so. Every day is filled with myriad moments like these and while I'm digging the thrill, many of my other loves are getting the short shrift.

Like this blog, for instance.

This blog is so important to me. The writing is cathartic for me and I love capturing my life. Sometimes, though, life is so rapid-fire that its impossible to even sit for a moment and reflect; let alone doing so in a semi-interesting way. I will not give up on this blog, though, no matter what. Its original intention was to follow me on my journey to be a better cook and it has, but its become so much more, and thank goodness, as there's been precious little time for cooking lately. The Confounded Cook will remain a view of my life through food but I admittedly am having a hard time keeping up with it. So, here's some quick posts reflecting on a lot of life rolling on.

This post takes a look at a dinner we had at Jim Schutte's home, on the gorgeous patio, under the threat of dangerous storms that didn't materialize. We enjoyed the always wonderful feta dip(that Bunchie clearly loves). We whipped up some tasty all-American macaroni salad that we found the recipe for here. Jim wanted us over for some camaraderie and to catch us up on how Carolyn's rehab is going in New Jersey. Every day is bringing him new moments and snapshots of his own. She is starting to finally eat real food and most amazingly, on his return from this weekend, Carolyn pulled him to her for a kiss. His heart must have melted right then. The latest photo of her here reveals her looking more like herself than she has in a long time.

And so, life goes on, in every way and sometimes at a mile a minute, so stay tuned for a series of posts with some random bites of life....


Anonymous said...

I got teary eyed when I read this. Go Carolyn!


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