Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Posse Gets Gaslighted

In the midst of all of the madness 'round rejoining the Elms team, K and I also rejoined our Dinner Posse crew for a First Friday get-together that as per usual at this juncture, did not occur on a first Friday night. Nonetheless, it was, as it always is, a deep comfort to regroup with this beloved group. Nothing better in all of the craziness than to settle in for a relaxing night of good food and fine friendship.

Gaslight Grill was a bit of a haul-and-a-half over to Leawood, but gathering with the Posse folks was worth the rush-hour drive time. Lynn Zimmer and his live band were laying out some jaunty jazz tunes while we settled into our seats into the Back Room. Gaslight Grill seems to be patterned after an old-school style steakhouse with its impressive wine list, dark-wood decor and calorie-laden menu. Seemed best to go old-school with my selection as well, so my dinner choice went a little splurgey with my longtime favorite steak dish; a medium-rare Filet Au Poivre. First up though, was our appetizers: a creamy spinach and artichoke dip and the Bruschetta Quartet, which included a favorite with smoked salmon and one that was a bit of a revelation topped with fig and goat cheese. After a Caesar salad with in-house created dressing and a warm dinner roll with balsamic butter, the main event arrived. The filet was a tad overdone but still tasty in its brandy-peppercorn sauce. The sides for the dish was steamed asparagus and a first for me: Lyonnaise potatoes. These potatoes are sliced and pan-fried with onions and sauteed with butter and parsley and were darn fine-tastin'. Finally, we indulged in dessert and among the table's selections were a chocolate gateau and a vanilla creme brulee.

We went into our latest Posse Dinner bone-tired but getting back together with this fine group of folks was a nice way to top off the first week at the new work gig. These nights will never feel quite complete without Carolyn, but until that happens, it was good to be with friends.


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