Saturday, February 13, 2010

Clicking My Heels

Yeah, I've been trying to click my heels a la Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz to get me back to Kansas(City),but it clearly ain't happenin'. I miss Keith and my home....but duty calls.

I'm concerned that my desperation to return to KC can be perceived as a dis to my hometown. That couldn't be further from the truth. I'm ever proud to be from St. Marys, WV. My friends here are amazingly supportive. The area stores such as Phillips Pharmacy and Galaxy Food Mart have always looked out for my parents and continue to inquire about their welfare. You can't buy that kind of customer service, attention and general compassion outside of a small town. My connection to Kak and the Greenhouse Gang is worth it's weight in gold. In fact, I was blessed enough to take a day off from parental care and spend it at Kak's while they were toiling away. I went down to the shop for some terrific pork sandwiches. However..I miss my home in KC...and I want to go home. Then there's Valentine's Day...

Keith sent me care packages including a plethora of chocolates, among them a wonderful caramel assortment and some Ghirardelli classics for V-Day. They were pick-me-ups, for sure. I have been in the business of Valentine's Day for many years...working with the Elms hotel and their huge V-Day weekends, as a server in various restaurants and of course, with my history with the Greenhouse which has always been a florist. As a matter of fact, the GH was as busy as ever with floral orders today.

I admit it, though.... I'm not a V-Day fan despite the fact I've had a "valentine" for the last ten years. I've spent more than enough years alone to know the profound loneliness this "holiday" can create. So, I continue to treat Valentine's Day as a corporate scheme. How interesting in the light of that fact, that I would be living in KC, the headquarters of Hallmark and Russell Stover candies. The fact is, I love my partner more every day and February 14th isn't going to affect that in any way...but V-Day most assuredly affected me when I was by myself.

So here's a valentine to ALL of my friends and loved ones, single or otherwise...spread the love to everyone...including yourself.


Ginny with a G said...

KC and me miss you too Greg! But my heart is heavy for you as you endure a great challenge in life. Just know we love you and are waiting with open arms when you return.

Lisa Mandina said...

Aww, I wish I'd read this closer to V-Day. I am one of those lonely people you talk about. But this year I spent it with my sister, also single, and a single friend of hers, and we went and saw Valentine's Day at the theater down by Power and Light district. That definitely helped with the loneliness this "holiday" causes. And like Ginny says, we miss you a lot back here.

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