Friday, February 12, 2010

Young Love, Old Souls

Kak and JB hosted a special dinner for a perfectly lovely young couple at their home tonight. Gregory Arnott is one of Kak's "shop kids", and his girl Michelle surprised him with a candlelit evening here at Abicht's Landing.

One of my jobs involves dealing with young folks and admittedly, I find myself duly unimpressed by many of them. Granted, that could be simply a result of my growing older and achieving unprecedented new levels of bitterness and cynicism....but I digress.

It's always a somewhat unexpected joy to discover a truly delightful young person...Erica Reckard is a perfect example. Tonight, we had the pleasure of experiencing two of them.

Gregory and Michelle may be young, but their intelligence and sophistication belie their years. They are wonderful conversationalists and completely at ease with each other. They, along with our beloved Erica, give me great hope for the future.

Kak and JB, as usual, outdid themselves. They led with shrimp cocktail and salads filled with capers and dressed with Stonewall Kitchen Greek Dressing. Filets topped with Savannah marinated mushroom caps accompanied by twice-baked potatoes and scorched green beans were the highlight.

How fitting that Gregory's a bit of a film buff as well. Watching them together made me think of those vintage, classy movie characters like Nick and Nora Charles.
How often does a couple barely out of high school bring to mind old-school cinematic class?

This was a Valentine's celebration that renewed my faith in young love.


Kristy said...

Oh my. Our little Gregory and Michelle are sooooo Nick and Nora. Happy Valentine's Day Greg and Keith. You may be apart but you are always and forever in each other's hearts EVERY day of the year.

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