Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mathews, You Magnificent Bastard

After a long, involved day of lawyers and strategizing healthcare, what an unexpected joy it was to return to Kak's and be joined by Kak, Kristy and my old friend Jeff Mathews and his girl T.A. Jeff has always been one of the funniest people I've ever met. He's also a fellow foodie as well as humorous tonic for what ails ya.

Jeff is also the as yet undiscovered half-brother of Ross The Intern of the E! Network. Jeff entertained us with tales of fake eyebrows, Tim Northrup, the necessary password and his Sad Elephant. He generously provided us with an impromptu best-of performance of Ethel Merman covering many top hits. This soon-to-be-classic is Jeff as Ethel covering Old Man by Neil Young. The video is sideways and choppy which is somehow fitting but, by God, it's preserved for eternity.

Damn, I've missed ya, Jeffy.


Kristy said...

OK, OMFREAKINGOD. I was there to witness the live event and it's still funny three hours later. It's posted sideways and it's choppy but it's still so freakin funny!!! GAWD love Jeffy. I think after this relentless winter and all the stresses in all our lives right now we all needed a little bit of Jeffy to brighten our mood. I know he did me a world of good.

Kristy said...

P.S. The title for this post is absolutely magnificent and true!

Anonymous said...

Just follow that up with a little porno Jimmy Stewart, and we could take that shit on the road.

The Foodie Wannabe said...

Oh, Ronnie...if your Jimmy Stewart was co-headlining with Jeff's Ethel Merman....I would hyperventilate, for sure.

Kristy said...

It is now February 16 and we are in the midst of yet another weather advisory which will not be lifted until tomorrow at noon. Apparently this one will be followed up with yet another storm that should hit on Saturday. I have cancelled my hair appointments for the last 2 months due to inclimate weather. I'm now looking like a gray and slightly pudgy version of Cher. I have shovelled snow until my back is literally screaming at me "NO MORE!" And after a long and particularly hideous day of doing other people's taxes all the while dealing with the constant attention needs od my senior citizen employees saying things like "OOPS Kristy, I need you at the cash register because I did something wrong but don't know what I did" and "I made you another appointment for taxes" only to see that on Thursday I will be meeting with Elijah. Just Elijah. No last name. No phone number even though all the calendar slots surrounding Elijah's name contained first and last names and phone number. And then to have to go to the grocery store and spend yet another $75 on food and slog it out to my car in 3 inches of brown muck and slush, I am glad to be home and needed me a Jeffy fix. What do i see? "This video is unavailable. Please try again later." It's been four days and already our pal Jeffy has been banned from the internet. AWESOME!!!!!

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