Monday, November 29, 2010

Anniversary Sushi

Today marks the 11-year anniversary of the day Keith boarded my crazy train for life and we chose to mark the occasion with lunch at Moonlight Sushi in Liberty. I have loved me some sushi since my friend Christina introduced me to the takeout version years ago, but I will admit that my experience in sushi restaurants is limited as Keith has avoided these delicacies like the Plague. I would typically just pick up some up for takeout and of those times I did manage to at least get the K-man to try a Veggie Roll and he did enjoy it. Despite the fact that much sushi is not necessarily raw, all he could visualize is raw fish and he wasn't having it. Ronnie and Jeff thankfully accompanied us on our Maiden Sushi Voyage and tutored us through the details.

We started off with edamame and tempura-fried veggies for appetizers to whet the appetite. We ran the gamut of sushi rolls between the four of us and I thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. Keith gamely tried all but one and found that he enjoyed some more than others but dug the experience in the end. The first rolls had me at first bite...The Liberty Roll featured deep-fried white fish, crab and cucumber in a special sauce and the Dragon Eye Roll had deep-fried jalapeno pepper, cream cheese, smoked salmon, soybean paper and Masago, an Icelandic caviar. The Rock N' Roll consisted of avocado and radish sprouts topped with deep-fried scallops. The Hawaiian Roll, Ronnie's favorite, was filled with salmon, cream cheese, macadamia nuts and was topped off with avocado and special sauce. Keith's favorite was the Monkey Roll which was a deep-fried roll that included salmon, cream cheese and avocado. The Moonlight Roll was my favorite: deep-fried shrimp, asparagus and crab topped with tuna and salmon. Another favorite became the first sushi Jeff couldn't eat due to its breathtakingly spicy sauce...The Volcano Roll which was a California Roll topped with baked Dynamite White Fish and that killer sauce. Together, they were all a comprehensive mix of deep-fried and raw, which was a good introduction for the K-Man. I can't wait to go back.

I also must admit that my history of handling chopsticks has been choppy at best. I always use them to try and keep up with the practice, but have always fumbled with them. Jeff gave me a tutorial on proper chopsticking, and by the conclusion of the meal, I was wielding them like a pro. Thank you for the lesson, Sensei Jeff. Check out Moonlight Sushi at

We finished off the afternoon with a visit next door to Lemon Tree, one of the suddenly proliferating frozen yogurt spots popping up all over town. The new way of enjoying these sweet treats is essentially getting it yourself and letting them weigh how much yogurt(and toppings) you get. The NY Cheesecake flavor is very good.

Eleven years with the's to many, many more.


Kristy said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Deep fried and sushi go together? I'll admit that Lena and I have scoured at least two, possibly three states in our quest for fabulous sushi and I've never had any of it contain anything deep fried. I don't even recall it being on the menu but hey, if it's fried it can't be all bad. One question. Shouldn't the Monkey roll contain deep fried monkey? KIDDING! Sounds like a fabulous way to share the day!

Anonymous said...

Cheers, kudos, happy anniversary and bravo!! Wishing many, many more to one of the greatest couples ever.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us take part of your anniversary meal. Any excuse to eat sushi, Jeff and I are there. Next up for you two to try with us is the sushi train at Sukora in Shawnee Mission. To watch the train in action, here's a Youtube video:

Linda C said...

Happy anniversary to two of my favorite people - it was meant to be that you found each other 11 years ago! I keep hearing about KC Sushi over here on this side of town (Prairie View Rd) and how fresh the fish is, but nobody in my family will go. They have an all you can eat deal on Sundays. Anytime you guys are going for Sushi (or anything else really) and you want some company, give me a call. Again, Congrats!

Willie said...

Greg, I so enjoy reading about your and Keith's exploits and I must say I am a little more than jealous. Thanks for letting me live a more exciting life vicariously through you! Keep up the good work! I am loving every minute of it!

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