Sunday, November 14, 2010


In the post I wrote about Dad's passing titled Requiem For Rex, I mentioned an amazing young man named Texas who having just finished a day of chemo treatments, soldiered on and accompanied his family to pay respects to my Dad at the funeral home. This past Thursday, Texas Scadden lost his courageous battle with cancer.

Texas's service was this weekend and next Sunday, November 21 at 1:00 pm there will be a Benefit Spaghetti Dinner and Auction benefiting his family held at the Marina Building. From what I've seen on Facebook, my hometown community of St. Marys is rallying as only they can and it looks like the event will be a great success. Donations of food and auction items are pouring in and I'm sure they could use more. There is also a fund set up at Pleasants County bank for Tex's family as well.

Texas was a remarkable young man. He and Dad were buddies at church and I hope they have reunited in the great Hereafter. Please keep Jodie and the kids in your thoughts and prayers. I wish I was going to be in town for the benefit but please, those of you near or in the community, please attend and/or donate!


Kristy said...

Greg, I have known Texas and his wife for over 30 years. I have known their children since the day each of them were born. I worked with Texas for 11 years and I most recently had the privilege of speaking with him 2 months before his passing. I hadn't seen him or his family in several years since I had moved away. On the day of this meeting Texas had been given a new chemotherapy pill which he had just taken. It made him ill. And even though we had business to conduct and I offered to meet with he and his wife later Texas soldiered on. He said to me "No, I'm fine. This is just what happens." And he laughed. Once business was finished Texas and I "caught up." Even though he was feeling poorly his spirits were great and he wanted to know how I had been. We laughed and talked about old times. I had great hope that his treatment coupled with his indomitable spirit would see him through. Two months later I found myself today visiting the funeral home to see him and offer my condolences to his very young family. The strength of his son Chase, a mere senior in High School, amazed me. The outpouring of support from this entire community astounded me, although I don't know why because when the goin' gets tough the tough in St. Marys get goin'. And the sheer resilience and stamina of his family, most notably his cousin Tammy Scadden Bailey is quite frankly, unlike any I've ever seen. It is for all these reasons that I know Texas' family will be fine here on earth. And I also know that there are some fishin' stories bein' told between Texas and your dad about the "one that got away" up above.

Confounded Cook said...

Undoubtedly. I also was taken aback by the maturity demonstrated by Chase. I am not surprised by the community's response but take comfort in it just the same.

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