Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stroud's Beats The Black Friday Blues

I haven't had to toil through the Black Friday madness in a couple of years, so my return to the crazy hordes and their massive spending left me spent. The crowds rolled in, the lists were unfurled, Susan Boyle crooned above the din and the Christmas spirit was in full bloom......

(sounds of tires screeching)

Who am I kidding? The only thing that was in full
bloom were the most pertinent questions of the day:
  • Where's the bathroom?
  • Do you price match? I just looked up your competitors on my iPhone and frankly, you suck.
  • Whaddya mean there's no #@**! discount on the Nook?

Once the day was blessedly done and the mind-numbing fatigue
had passed, I rejoined the family for dinner at the Kansas City institution known as Stroud's. Home of the seriously finger-lickin' pan-fried chicken, the original Stroud's in Fairway,KS has been a KC landmark since 1933. Stroud's enjoys quite the well-deserved reputation...they have won Zagat's and James Beard awards and were recently featured on Man Vs. Food. This Northland location was originally an 1829 log cabin that's been expanded into what is now known as Stroud's Oak Ridge Manor. Set on a picturesque hillside near a lake complete with a pair of swans gliding across the surface, the restaurant always looks like a cozy, inviting home. Stroud's is always packed and with good reason: the vittles are served family-style and are all made from scratch. The delish chicken is the thing but the sumptuous sides don't hurt.....homemade mashed potatoes with real gravy and fresh green beans, for example. The crowning glory rests with the house-made cinnamon rolls served for dessert, hot and fresh from the oven. To quote young Tanner, they are "heavenly".

There was so much food that the majority was taken as takeout. Stroud's was as packed when we left as they were when we arrived. Check them out at Winner, winner, chicken dinner!


Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

We SO need to go there! Actually, back when it was Oak Ridge Manor and a German restaurant, I did a painting of it--used to be a favorite place to eat. I'd love to go again!

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