Friday, November 12, 2010

Out of The Mouths of Babes

One last offering of sympathy concerning Dad arrived from two very special kids named Sierra and Tanner yesterday. Their words say it all. As their beautiful Mom(Keith's sister Kim) says, "Sometimes kids have a way with words that we grownups can't master." Out of the mouths of babes.....words of wisdom written by two of my favorite angels.

Of course, the kids wouldn't let me forget the food theme...they sent me a colored picture of a cupcake as well.

Thank you, Sierra and Tanner...I love you both.


Lydia said...

So so sweet! This is precious.

Anonymous said...

How heartfelt, and so amazing and so real. I feel certain that he loves "heven."

Bravo to them!


karavon said...

Oh that is sweet. You are lucky to have girls like that in your life!

Kristy said...

Greg, Thank you sooo much for posting pictures of Sierra and Tanner's words in their own handwriting. I think their letters to you are absolutely inspiring to me. It is obvious that they both took great care in composing their messages. It gives me great hope for the future that 1) there are parents out there who encourage compassion and understanding and the communication of such in their children, no matter how young they are and 2)that I know 2 more children of the next generation who actually "get it." When we are too old to lead the way they will take our places and I can think of no one better to do that than Tanner and Sierra (and a couple of very special nieces of my own). After reading this, the future does certainly look a little brighter now doesn't it. Thank you for allowing me to "meet" once again, the special children in your family. And thanks for yet another great post!

Confounded Cook said...

Kara, one is a girl(Sierra)....the other a boy(Tanner). But yes, indeed, I'm quite lucky to have those two younguns in my life.

Anonymous said...

Okay...this has made me tear up three times now. I am happy their compassion reaches beyond and can touch and inspire others.

Love you Greg!


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