Monday, June 14, 2010

Beef. It's What's For Dinner.

We grilled and shared some delicious T-Bone steaks with Keith's parents this weekend. They were the perfect folks to share them with as the beef that we used is from the cattle Keith's Dad Kenny raises. We are blessed to not only have to shop for beef throughout the year but to have a freezer packed with beef from a trusted source. In that respect among others, we've gotten to experience "farm to table" for many years now. In addition to the hearty steaks, Keith's Mom Helen whipped up a tasty pasta salad, some peaches and cream corn on the cob and a yummy strawberry pie(I had to work).

This dinner followed the project that precipitated the parental visit: kitchen renovation. We bought a new countertop and stainless steel sink as our previous versions were eroding in multiple ways. The plumbing alone vexed Ken a bit and the trip to the house with the goods in the truck were beset by torrential rains but after numerous trips to Lowe's the deed was done and the result was fantastic. Dinner was cooked in the interim, however, and that necessitated some prep in the guest bathroom sink. After Thanksgiving's dishwasher breakdown, the Winges have become used to cooking improv on the fly.We are extraordinarily grateful to Ken for yet another masterful use of his talents. We are very blessed to have them both in our lives, no doubt.


Kristy said...

I WANT PIE!!! GIMME SOME PIE!!!! The food looks fabulous and I'm sure your new counters and sink are magnificent.

Lisa Mandina said...

Kitchen looks very nice. And while I'm not a big steak person, the corn on the cob looks delish!!

Kristen said...

I was just lead to your blog through Lucinda Clark's mention. It is great to have other food bloggers in the area! :) We are a rare breed, it seems.

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