Thursday, June 3, 2010

Random Bites

Every once in a while, there will be a random post like this just giving me an opportunity to throw out a big Hidey-Ho for some foodness I dig. So here goes:

I'm lovin' me some....

* hand-tossed, poppy seed crust at Northern Lights Pizza

* Bang-Bang Shrimp at Bonefish. After our recent attempt to duplicate it, we had to get there and get some of the original...and upon having it, quickly realized that I was no where close. Can't beat the real thing. Further thumbs up for the hearty crab cakes and the well-seasoned and addictive edamame appetizers. I had a couple of "slippery sucker" moments straight outta "Pretty Woman" when not once, but twice I accidentally squeezed the edamame out too hard and sent them flying out of the pods to parts unknown. However, if one landed in the martini of the obnoxiously drunk woman across from be it.

* The "family recipe" salsa and pico de gallo at Jason's Deli. They're also marketing the hell out of their Muffaletta sandwich. Special deals for quarter muffs, half muffs and whole muffs abound. Betty White should be their spokesperson.

* The Cafe at Briarcliff's homemade pickles, jalapeno slaw, yummy Reuben sandwich and pepper-jack and broccoli soup.

* Keith attempting to twist the arms of gentle Amish folk in order to score them and their wonderful fare for the Excelsior Springs Farmer's Market.

* My friend Jo's autopsy(red velvet)cupcakes.

Look for more Random Bites in the future.....


Kristy said...

I loves me some edamame!!!

Anonymous said...

Me? I am lovin' me some random posts.


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