Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ginger Sue and the Festa Italiana

Saturday began at one of my favorite breakfast nooks in town: Ginger Sue's. This charming "bruncheonette" in Liberty Square won us over at the first taste of their bacon and we've been coming back ever since. Ginger Sue Fuller and her husband David Bradley are the very talented team behind this consistently delicious operation. I've had the delicious breakfast burritos and cajun crepes but inevitably I always come back to Ginger's classic...savory seasoned breakfast potatoes, fresh scrambled eggs, their signature seasoned bacon(I crave this bacon on a regular basis) and one of the lightest, fluffiest biscuits ever. Ginger Sue, ya spoil us. Check them out at

Today we stopped by Festa Italiana, one of KC's favorite festivals which is held at Zona Rosa where I work. This event celebrates all things Italian where the most difficult decisions involve choosing which food to try out.

In the end, Keith got a Meatball Sub from The Copa Room; I went with a Chicken Speidini Sub with Spicy Diablo sauce from Salvatore's and we split homemade potato chips and Gorgonzola sauce from Vivace. We split a Copa Room cannoli later on at home. All were delicious. Mangia, indeed. Grazie, Festa Italiana.


Lisa Mandina said...

Never heard of this Ginger Sue, but I will have to go try it!

The Foodie Wannabe said...

You'll love it, Lisa! Never had less than an awesome meal there...:)

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